Fiskars 14 Inch Hatchet

If you are in need of a reliable cheap hatchet, then give a consideration to Fiskars 14 Inch Hatchet.

Maybe you are thinking that why I recommended this tool. I would say this is because you are going to have an inexpensive but yet durable and stronger hatchet functioning well.

Maybe you are thinking that why I recommended this tool. I would say this is because you are going to have an inexpensive but yet durable and stronger hatchet functioning well.

In addition to this, this tool has a few amazing features that you must know before making the purchase decision. Here are a few important features of Fiskars 375501-1001 Hatchet with Sheath, 14’’.

  • Specially designed for chopping and kindling small to medium sized logs.
  • Features proprietary blade grinding technique for better contact and cleaner cuts.
  • Comes with a low friction blade coating that powers through wood and prevents the head from getting stuck.
  • Has a molded head that will not loosen.
  • The handle is shock absorbing and lightweight.

Things To Consider Before Buying Fiskars 14 Inch Hatchet

Lightweight but stronger handle

What makes this tool special is its lightweight handle. Although the handle is lighter compared to others, it is yet stronger than steel to prevent overstrike damage thanks to its shock absorbing feature.

The handle is 14-inch long, ideal length for chopping small to medium-sized logs with the best performance.

Fiskars used composite materials to make the handle, meaning that you have the unbreakable and durable handle capable of withstanding maximum force.

What about the axe head?

In a nut cell, the head of this tool is excellent for it is insert- molded that will never loosen from the handle, one of the major problems often happening to ax while in use.

The material it is made from is hardened forged steel that keeps the blade sharp longer than traditional axes, reducing the frequent sharpening. Including the handle, it weighs only 1.55-pound, lighter than other axes comparatively.

Is the blade compatible with hardwood?

Since the blade features proprietary blade grinding technique that keeps the edge sharper, this ensures better contact and cleaner cuts. Thanks to this feature, you can chop up to three times deeper with every swing.

In addition to this, Fiskars applied low friction coating to the blade to prevent the head from getting stuck that means you can chop faster thus save your time. The cutting edge of the blade widens 2.75-inch, the perfect width in relation to the overall size.

Does it come with perfect balance and weight distribution?

The hatchet has a perfect weight distribution from the handle to the head to increase swing speed so that you can chop more woods in each swing with less time.

For its standard weight ratio, the blade penetrates deeper into the woods on every swing resulting in the easy swing for the part of newbies.

Who is this hatchet meant for?

This is what many people make mistakes while buying a cutting tool. It is very wise to know what the tool is intended for before purchase that will help meet your requirements with your tool.

Fiskars hatchet works great for chopping and kindling small to medium sized logs.

Is it easy to carry with?

Yes, it is easily portable as its overall weight is only 1.55 pounds while the ax measures 14-inch from top to the bottom. Users can go wherever they wish to go carrying this item with them.

I would highly recommend this hatchet especially for backpacking, campaigning and survival use for its ease of portability.

Anything else it comes with?

Fiskars provides a leather sheath in order to protect not only the blade but also the users from unexpected damages. The sheath this hatchet comes with also works as decoration of the tool.

Any negative reviews?

I am yet to have any downsides from this tool except it is not suitable for chopping down big trees since it is intended for only small and medium sized logs.

The bottom line for Fiskars hatchet 14-inch with sheath

Considering the quality, efficiency and technical features, I mentioned in this article, with such a lower price, I would recommend you to buy this hatchet if you want to get better served.

Maybe you get confused seeing the lower price but keep in mind that a cheaper price always does not mean bad quality, and Fiskars hatchet 14-inch with sheath is the best example for such a situation.

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