Best Survival Axe & Hatchet – Guide & Reviews (2020)

Do you know choosing a wrong survival axe can be a burden, let alone serve you in the wilderness?

The heavier and larger the axe, the harder it is to carry with you. Besides, if the tool you have chosen for survival needs works just as an axe, rather than being multi-functional, you will require many other devices to be with you.

Your survival tool should be as you want it to do whatever your needs are. But not are all axes or hatchet same. While some are made heavier, others are lighter. Many are built for multi-purpose while a few have specific tasks, which no longer is easy to choose from.

Here is the route to find the best survival axe what you just look for.

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best survival axe reviews

1. SCAXE2 11.8in schrade survival hatchet review

Top Features

  • Overall length 11.8-inch while weight is 1lbs.
  • Titanium coated blade with the length of 3.8inches.
  • The glass fiber handle is cold resistance.
  • Small axe features a hammer on the other side.

It is a simpler and smaller hatchet, suitable sized for survival jobs, but yet effective enough. Weighing at less than 1foot (11.8inches), it becomes an ultimate survival tool to carry with effortlessly.

There is a Ferro Fire steel rod hidden in the handle of the axe that means you can throw out plenty of sparks to start the fire. The stainless steel titanium coated blade is 3.8 in length that is versatile enough to cut through anything that you need to survive.

This nice hatchet comes with a glass fiber handle wrapped with PTE rubber materials to ensure a secure grip. You can work with the handle in the extreme cold weather thanks to its cold resistance feature.

The hunters, campers and outdoor adventures must opt this small hatchet for its versatility and portability.

2. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14″

Top Features

  • Head and handle forged in one piece.
  • Best suitable for outdoor use.
  • Hand sanded and lacquered for the comfortable finish.
  • Includes ballistic nylon sheath for protecting the cutting edge.

The Estwing Sportsman’s axe is a good option for outdoorsmen since it can chop logs, small trees, and branches, and split firewoods and kindle.

Crafted in the USA, the axe features the head and the handle forged into one piece, thus increasing the durability and stability. There is no chance to loosen the handle from the head as they are inseparable thanks to forging technique applied. The entire axe is made with American finest steel.

The genuine hand sanded and lacquered grip makes you feel comfortable while using. Moreover, the ballistic nylon sheath that Esting offers protects the edge of the blade when not in use.

3. SOG Axe Camping Hatchet

Top Features

  • An ideal survival tool for camping, hammering, and chopping.
  • Lighter and ready hatchet for backpack.
  • Features a chunky camp axe hammer.
  • Includes a hard molded sheath.

Measuring at 11.5 inches length and weighing at only 16.1 oz. The SOG Axe camping Hatchet becomes easy to transport wherever you go. It does alone all survival works that many survival tools do thanks to its specialty 3.1-inch stainless steel blade and metal hammering head, which make it a versatile tool.

The most eye-catchy thing that I like most about this camping hatchet is the lanyard hole on the top of the handle to carry it as a tactical axe.

One of the most important features, most survivalists appreciate, is the glass reinforced nylon handle, making it suitable for even heavy-duty.

This readily packable sized tool is a must-choice for you if you want to keep a camping axe just beside you as a quick and versatile go-to survival hatchet for clearing campsite, making fire and hammering tent stakes.

4. CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe

Top Features

  • Made with hot forged carbon steel.
  • Fused the slim design of a hatchet with the power of the axe.
  • Tennessee hickory wood handle with lacquer coat for durability.
  • Ideal for all survival needs.

Unlike traditional survival hatchet, if you are looking for something like a tactical tomahawk that can also be used for woodworks, CRKT Chogan is definitely for you.

The design of this axe originally evolved from tomahawks to meet all survival needs.

To build this camp ax, the weight and slim design of a hatchet merged with the power of an axe to bring versatility and novelty to it.

However, CRKT Woods Chogan is made from 1055 carbon steel which is hot forged into a rock solid blade head having a hammer on another end, meaning that it can be used to strike nails and tent stakes. Made from Tennessee hickory wood, the handle features a lacquer coat to maximize durability.

5. Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Top Features

  • Overall length 13.5-inch.
  • Total weight 1.3 lbs.
  • Ideal for scouting and camping.
  • Comes with a vegetable tanned sheath.

Probably you are in search of a traditional scouting and camping axe with a long handle but yet packable into your rucksack. If this is the case you are in now, do not be further late to choose Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet.

The axe comes with the same head as hand hatchet but on a long handle to produce more power for felling trees, lopping off big trees and chopping through bones and ribs of the animals. The overall length of the axe is 13.50-inch while total weight is 1.3 lbs.

You are certainly going to have a good quality axe because it is Gransfors Bruks, one of the most popular and trusted axe manufacturers, which produces every axe with the carbon steel sharp blade just like the one you are dreaming of having in your favorite tool.

6. Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe 850G

Top Features

  • Made from hand-forged Swedish steel.
  • Comes with a hickory handle.
  • Includes an edge protector.
  • Has a Clear Tempered Zone.

Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe has a 20 inches long handle made from hickory wood. The handle is designed with a curved shape to make it fit your palm while holding and treated with linseed oil for nice hand feel.

The powerful axe made from Swedish hand-forged steel comes with a rounded neck. Using the traditional method since 1697, the axe steel is processed with many blows of hammer to improve the density and increase durability.

The distinguishing feature this classic axe has is the clear hard zone which allows you to sharpen the blade without altering the strength of the cutting edge.

As the name suggests, it is an ideal axe for hunters and has enough power to process firewood and animals. You will love this tool to use.

7. Fiskars X7 Hatchet 14 Inch

Top Features

  • Intended for chopping small to medium-sized logs.
  • Provides better contact and cleaner cuts
  • Has a perfect balance and power to weight ratio to multiply the power.
  • Can chop deeper and faster.

Fiskars is the brand name of the quality axe not only because it has been producing axe since 1649 but also because of its consistency of high-quality products. So, be assured that Fiskars X7 is the quality one.

Like every axe manufactured by Fiskars, X7 hatchet features perfected weight distribution and an ultra-cutting edge along with advanced blade geometry to maximize the performance. This unique feature lets the blade chop deeper and faster to get more done.

The fiberglass handle is stronger than steel and is impossible to break. Do not be afraid of loosening the head from the handle because it is inseparable and inserts- molded. Lightweight fiber composite handle is shock-absorbing and capable enough to withstand overstrike damage.

It does not matter whether you are in the wilderness or not, this small packable axe allows you to get many tasks done easily. But it is meant for chopping small to medium-sized logs.

Survival hatchet – Buyer Guide

Survival hatchet - Buyer Guide

What is a Survival Axe?

A survival axe is a small axe or a hatchet designed for survival purpose. Basically, survival axes, also known as hatchets, are smaller and lighter but durable enough to cut through anything. They are also easily portable and packable.

What can I differ axes from hatchets?

The main difference between an axe and a hatchet mainly lies in size. Usually, the length of a hatchet is 12-inch whereas an ax is 22 inches long on an average.

Compared to a hatchet, an axe is heavier and larger and can chop down big trees. A hatchet, on the other hand, is smaller and lighter than an axe and is easily portable and packable.

Things to consider while choosing the best survival hatchet​​​

It becomes easier choosing the survival hatchet when you know what to look for in the best one. Besides, knowing what important things a quality survival axe owns helps you meet your needs. Can you assume what those crucial factors are you should know?

I think the answer is somewhat confusing because I am talking about a survival axe, not a general purpose axe or hatchet.

Here is your answer

Versatile enough?

Unlike general purpose axe, your survival axe should not be just an axe to cut and cut; rather it should be versatile enough. Because not only does your tool help you chop or split trees but also becomes able to do whatever you need to survive in the wild. Make sure it can be used to curve woods, make shelter and fire, cut snow, dress animal, and so on.

Easily portable and packable?

When it comes to choosing the perfect survival axe, it is the portability that you must consider. The lighter and smaller the survival tool, the easier it to carry with you. Larger or heavier one will become a burden for you, thus making your outdoor life more difficult.

What about the quality of the axe head?

What about the quality of the axe head?

All that matters to be a good quality axe is the materials used to produce the blade of the head. An axe having an edge made of superior steel is fit for any cuttings. It’s known to all that hand forged carbon steel heads are the most durable and can cut through hardwood since they are heat-treated and stretched to increase strength and durability.

Does the handle provide a secured grip and comfort?

Apart from becoming strong enough, the handle of the survival hatchet must provide a secure grip to prevent from injury when in use whatever the condition is.

Besides, a survivalist should also consider the comfort and easiness in using while choosing a super survival tool.

However, American hickory handles are the best in term of grip and comfort, which have been used for a long time now. On the other hand, plastic and composite materials handles are stronger than the hickory handle. If you go with plastic or composite materials one, make sure it is rubberized for secure grip and comfort.

Perfect balance?

Last but foremost, the balance between the axe head and tail is a crucial factor affecting your cutting efficiency. But how to realize it?

It’s nothing but a feel when you hold the hand and is the matter of experience. Beginners should be more careful about the axe balance because an imbalance axe will make you tired faster, consuming more energy in every swing.

The Final Word

A survival tool should be as small as possible but versatile enough to do a wide range of works. Even though your survival tool is a quality one, it might be a burden if not packable in your backpack.

Now that you know all the things to pick the best one from plenty of designs and sizes. So it is time to find one that meets your needs and win the adventures with the help of your survival hatchet.

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