CS90TA-BRK Trail Boss Buying Guide

Is it possible to get a powerful quality axe with a low budget?
Yes, it is indeed possible if Cold Steel CS90TA-BRK Trail Boss axe comes to your mind.

Many intending to purchase a good but lower budget axe either come back with empty handed or go out of the budget.

However, finding such a simple axe is a great job but difficult too. This review will help you know what you should know about this small axe and why should buy it.

  • Comes with a 26-inch long handle.
  • It features a durable straight-grain American Hickory handle.
  • The head is made from Drop Forged 1055 Carbon.
  • Overall weight is 2.70 lbs.
  • Has a blade with 4.5-inch edge.

Things To Consider Before Buying CS90TA-BRK Trail Boss axe

How much does it cost?

The most important thing that matters to me is its reasonable price. It is the best choice for its lower cost compared to Husqvarna or Gransfors Bruks axes.

An expensive product does not always mean good quality one. Sometimes, a lower price may offer a quality product, and Cold Steel CS90TA-BRK Trail Boss axe is one that provides both the quality and the reasonable price at the same time.

What about the handle?

This great axe comes with a durable, very sturdy and straight grain handle made from American most popular hickory wood.

There is a little possibility of handle breaking since the wood grain is perfectly straight from top to the bottom of the handle. The length of the handle is 26-inch, perfect for an average cutting. This tool has a nice balance between length and weight.

Although the head is heavier than the rest of the part, this helps swing down quickly.

What makes the head special?

Maybe you think that nothing could make the head special for its lower price. I say you are of course wrong since the axe does feature a European style head along with a 4-inch blade.

The cutting edge of the head is 4.5-inch, which takes a big bite in every swing, resulting in an added efficiency in cutting.

To keep the edge well and durable, Cold Steel Trail Box used drop forged 1055 high carbon steel to produce the head. Although the steel is not prone to chopping, you can chop with it by sharpening the blade just for a moment.

The head is attached to the handle very tightly, using straight grain wooden wedge, so that the handle never comes to loose from the head.

Is it easy to carry with?

Users can carry it with effortlessly wherever they would like to go. It is compact enough to bear all day with hand or fasten with pocket.

I think backpackers and campaigners must choose it for the ease of portability, and it would be a great protective arsenal.

Who is the axe meant for?

I would recommend this simple but powerful tool for all on average because it has been used for kindling, clearing roads and trails, building blinds and even chopping down a fair sized tree.

That means Cold Steel Trail Boss becomes your daily need, which also helps perform chores.

Anything about the axe goes wrong?

Yes, something is missing. Can you assume what is that?
It does not offer leather sheath, usually all most every axe comes with, for its protection from accidental damage to the blade.

Do not get worried as there are available protective leather covers on the market. Just buy one that fits your tool.

Besides, the blade of this cutting device is not sharp enough but can be sharpened easily with a pocket stone or a file.

Final Verdict

All I can tell you is that this review will let you express your own opinion and make you feel comfortable to make a purchase decision, taking the factors mentioned above into consideration.

After finding this amazing tool with such a low budget, you will make a wrong decision if you leave it behind.

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