Estwing Sure Split Wedge Review

Are you looking for the best wood splitting tools that make quick work of splitting wood as you have loads of other work to do?

If this is the case, you should read this Estwing Sure Split Wedge Review instead of looking at other log splitting wedges reviews.

Through this wood splitting wedges reviews, you learn that this is a wedge manufactured in the USA by the Estwing Company, a company famous for its high-quality products.

It is not an ordinary wedge but comes with a revolutionary design that makes splitting wood so much quicker and easier. It has a fast tapered head that delivers a smooth start while its fins create an extra wedge action while cutting wood. The Estwing splitting wedge is also ultra-durable in build and even has a blue UV finish which provides for added durability.

This is why it’s guaranteed to serve long-time, and is backed by a good warranty.  And once you start using the sledge, it effortlessly continues below the wood line for quick and efficient wood cutting.

  • The tapered design provides for a smooth start for cutting and can hold an edge for long
  • The wedge is 9 inches long and has a cutting edge of 1 7/8 inches
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Head has a blue UV finish for added durability
  • Designed for quick splitting of wood
  • Made in the USA by Estwing, a company known for producing high-quality products

Things To Consider To Buy An Estwing Sure Split Wedge

Unique design

A unique design is what makes the Estwing Sure Split wedge so popular. It’s fast taper head easily lodges into wood for a comfortable and convenient splitting start without any wrestling with the wedge. The wedge is designed to not only give a good start but also to hold an edge well to ensure a split while going through the wood line.

Compact and portable in size

The Estwing splitting wedge weighs only 5 pounds, making it convenient to store and to carry and use wherever required. Besides, its total length is only 9 inches, which adds to its portability. It, however, has a cutting edge of 1 7/8 inches. Durable in obstruction

The wedge boasts of an ultra-durable construction which promises its long-lasting use. It comes with a single blade steelhead with a blue UV finish which provides for added durability. The E-5 has a sharp edge of soft steel but a tip of harder steel.

This lets it split the log instead of ending up stuck or cracked in it. This is why many wedges in the market today have the same design. They are made of soft steel and have a hard steel tip that gives a better cutting edge.

Quicker splitting wood

The double-fin design helps quickly split wood by easily lodging into the timber to offer extra wedge action as it progresses through the wood. The sledge provides for efficient but straightforward wood splitting by smoothly continuing below the wood line as you hammer it with an axe or maul.

It effortlessly splits most woods ranging from oak woods to hardwoods. The only place you may face a problem is while tackling knotty wood, which is a problem with most splitting wedges.


  • A sturdy and durable wedge that splits logs rather well
  • Efficiently cuts large logs and even stubborn, knotty hardwood with some resistance
  • Compact in size, making it easy to store
  • Well-designed with taper head and fins
  • The flange proves helpful while splitting wood that tends to ‘swallow’ the wedge
  • Gives best results if a big sledgehammer is used for driving it in and small hammer for setting it


  • Not fit for one hand swings
  • Tends to bounce off wood

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What Is The Splitting Wedge Made Of?

The Sure Split wedge is made of soft steel that tends to dent when hammered. This is a factor that makes many people think twice before buying the E-5 and other wedges made of the same metal.

However little do they know that it’s better than hard steel which may crack after continuous and extended use and wear and tear. The scenario is most probable while trying to split knotted logs and you keep hitting the wedge with your sledgehammer or axe. 

What is its weight?

The wood splitting wedge weighs about five pounds.

Does The Wedge Come Sharpened Or Do We Have To Grind It For

There’s no need of sharpening it as it effectively splits wood when hammered into logs.

What Is Ideal For Hitting The Wedge?

Estwing’s fireside friend or even the back side of a maul is ideal for hitting it.

Where Is The Wedge Made?

The wood chopping wedge is made in the USA by Estwing Company, a company renowned for its quality products.

Do its fins work like the diamond-shaped splitters or are they more for stability?

The wedge works a bit better than regular wedges and as a second wedge for splitting larger or greener wood.

Final Verdict

After reading this Estwing Sure Split Wedge Review, it looks like this is the best splitting wedge for splitting stubborn, knotty hardwood. Though it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth the price considering the splitting it does.

Besides, it is durably built and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Its unique design also makes the dreadful chore of splitting wood so much more comfortable and quicker to complete. And as it’s compact in size, and portable in structure, you can store and use it anywhere there’s wood to split!

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