Fiskars 28” Chopping Axe Review

Are you tired of cutting wood with short chopping axes that makes wood processing so much more tedious?

Are you looking for a stronger wood chopping axe that gives more power with each strike to help you chop more wood in less time?If yes, you may find your answer in this Fiskars 28” chopping axe review.

This axe reviews is about the Fiskars 28” chopping axe that’s unmatched regarding speed, power, and accuracy. It’s designed to make felling trees so much easier.


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The axe boasts of perfect weight distribution, a very sharp blade edge, advanced blade geometry and solid design that gives a three times deeper cut while chopping. This more in-depth penetration, in turn, means you get to chop much more wood in less time, using minimal efforts and hand stain.

The chopping axe is manufactured in Bilnas, Finland by Fiskars, the company backed by a 36- year history of producing optimal forged tools. It has warranty and comes with a low-friction blade coating that gives more power while chopping wood as it prevents the head from getting stuck in the wood. With the inseparable molded head, there’s no worry about the head loosening nor is there a possibility of any breakage due to overstrike.

  • Deeper penetration with each swing
  • Improved balance and power-to-weight ratio for more power in each swing
  • Forged steel blade stays sharp longer than traditional axe blades
  • Coating on blade prevents the head from getting stuck in wood
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Lightweight but stronger than steel
  • Perfect for tree felling

Features that make the Fiskars 28 chopping axe perfect

Color scheme

One major difference between the Fiskars 28 chopping axe and other traditional Fiskars axes is its color scheme. While all other Fiskars axes are traditionally black and orange, the Fiskars 28” is all black.

Hardened forged steel blade

The head of an axe is its most important part as while it’s possible to replace the handle, it’s not possible to return its head. It has to be sharp enough to give a good cut while chopping wood but thick enough not to get chipped while cutting.

This is just what the Fiskars 28” chopping axe boasts about- it’s hardened forged steel blade. This is a blade that remains sharp for a longer time to give a more in-depth cut than traditional axes. As it produces deeper penetration with each swing, you can cut three times deeper and thus save your energy and time.

The blade is also designed based on advanced blade geometry with a proprietary blade-grinding technique. This is what gives the blade a sharper edge which enforces stronger contact and produces smoother cuts. Besides, a low-friction coating covers the blade which helps prevent the axe from getting stuck in the wood while chopping.

Best axe for chopping wood

This best wood  chopping axe’s weight distribution makes this the perfect axe for cutting wood. Its ideal weight distribution is what gives more power and punch in each swing by ensuring the axe remains perfectly aligned with your body’s balance.

The 4.5” extra length of the handle makes the axe hit wood so hard that it sends large chips flying in a wide area around the v-notch while making deeper cuts.

This helps you get more wood cut in a shorter time span using less energy and with less hand strain. And you can chop your wood without much tension as its PermaHead insert-molded head prevents any possible loosening and flying off of the head due to breakage with an over-strike.

Improved shock-absorption handle

The axe has a lightweight, shock-absorbent DuraFrame handle that efficiently absorbs shock while cutting wood. Besides, the axe’s lower handle section is different from its shorter counterparts.

While the shorter axes have a rubberized lower handle, it's absent in the 28” chopping axe. Instead, there’s a smooth plastic handle with traction grooves which provides for a more fluid transition while swinging the axe when compared to the x15.


  • Has a hardened, drop forged carbon blade with low-friction coating preventing the head from sticking in wood
  • Its Permahead insert-molded head makes the head inseparable, with no risk of it loosening to lead to overstrike breakage
  • Increased swing and better power due to optimal power-to-weight ratio and balance
  • Blade’s sharp edge provides for better contact and a cleaner cut
  • Comes with a hard-shell sheath that protects the blade and you
  • Penetrates thrice deeper than traditional axe swings
  • Durable DuraFrame handle doesn’t break easily with overstrikes


  • Some consumers complain the head snapped off the handle after a few days of use
  • Too fragile for daily use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the chopping axe be used for felling trees?

Yes, the wood chopping axe easily chops even large trees to later cut into logs as required.

Does the chopping axe have a sheath?

Yes, it does have a hard-shell half-sheath that protects the axe head and you from possible injury. The sheath easily covers the blade. You just have to place the axe in edge first under a lip, then lay it flat in the sheath and spin the orange tab found on the back so that it securely holds the axe in place.

How much does the axe weigh?

The overall weight of the wood splitting axe is 7 pounds while its head weighs 3.9 pounds.

How big is the head?

The head measures 6.5” across the top, 2” down its back and 4” down the cutting blade.

Final Verdict

In short, it looks like the Fiskars chopping axe 28” is popular and sought after axe. It’s great for multiple tasks like felling, chopping and splitting wood and it’s durably built, so there’s no worry of the blade slipping off and causing accidents.

You’ll learn through the Fiskars 28” chopping axe review that it’s revised handle which your hand easily slides over, with its deep penetration and coating helps shorten your wood chopping time. All these factors, plus its sturdy protective sheath give you all the more reason to invest in this chopping axe!

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