Fiskars x27 Review : Fiskars Super Splitting Axe

If you are on the taller side and are looking for the perfect tool to use for splitting a batch of logs into firewood, then this best splitting axe may be the ideal tool for you.

Its ideal weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, and sturdy design all help the axe efficiently disperse wood with a single strike.

Its long handle also offers maximal power and speed to tall users, to help you split wood more smoothly, efficiently and with less hand strain.

Read the Fiskars X27 Review to learn more about the unique features of this best splitting axe.

  • Lightweight and practically unbreakable DuraFrame handle
  • Its edge is ultra-sharp and is easily sharpened using an optional Fiskars blade sharpener
  • No worry about the head separating from the handle with its indivisible PermaHead design
  • Chamber absorbs vibrations to prevent your hands from shaking while striking wood
  • The low-friction surface prevents the blade from sticking into the log
  • Comes with an easy-open carry and hang sheath which protects your Fiskars hatchet
  • Advanced bevel convex blade for added power and easy removal from wood
  • Efficient splitting of medium to large-sized logs
  • Efficiently designed to give more one-strike splits

how to choose the fiskars x27 super splitting axe

 Advanced blade geometry

Fiskars takes pride in their blades, and the Fiskars X27 splitting axe blade is no exception. Though the head is made using a soft material that easily dulls or chips while swinging into the dirt, its edge is extremely sharp.

Its sharp edge is made using a proprietary grinding technique which in turn gives better contact and cleaner cuts. In fact, their blades also remain sharp for a more extended period and come with a low-friction coating that smoothly glides through wood, and prevents the edge from getting stuck in wood while chopping or splitting wood.

The blade also has a unique bevel convex shape which adds power to it and even helps in making it easier to remove it from the wood. It’s broad side that is beveled towards the edges which together with the shape and the low-friction coating and extra sharp edge give more one stroke splits than other axes.

 Practically unbreakable axe

The Fiskars x27 splitting axe is almost indestructible, thanks to its FiberComp handle. It’s stronger than steel in structure and helps prevent any damage to your axe in case of overstrikes.

Besides, the Fiskars x27 super splitting axe comes with inseparable insert-molded heads. This means the axe not only outlasts others as they are practically unbreakable as there are minimal chances of the head separating from the handle while striking wood.

Powerful impact

The Fiskars wood splitter x27 axe gives more power on impact thanks to its perfect weight distribution. It’s in fact designed to work as an aluminum baseball bat by delivering optimal power-to-weight ratio where power is increased by an increase in its swing speed.

This makes every swing of yours the best with deep chops leading to one-swing splits. It provides so much power that it’s so much easier splitting medium-sized into extra-large logs.

Lightweight with Fiskars longest handle

This Fiskars super splitting axe is ideal for tall users and those who prefer chopping and cutting wood using a longer axe. Its long 36” FiberComp handle is lighter than wood, which is why the entire axe weighs less than nine pounds.

However despite its light weight, the maul Fiskars axe x27 offers an increased leverage which in turn maximizes a tall user’s power and speed.

This, in turn, helps complete each wood chopping and splitting chore with less time, effort and hand strain. Moreover, the handle has a non-slip grip for a good grip and a vibration-absorbing chamber which ensures you don’t feel each wood fiber splitting as you do your chopping.


  • Perfect for taller users as there are four different lengths to choose from
  • Lightweight and comfortable for splitting medium to large-sized logs
  • Designed to break wood with a single strike
  • Advanced bevel convex geometry blade helps easily remove the maul from logs
  • The edge has a low-friction coating and is designed to remain sharp longer
  • Handle made from highly absorbent FiberComp material that’s lightweight but strong


  • The blade’s cutting edge is continuously sharpened for the axe’s efficient working
  • Not heavy enough to split large logs
  • Blade made of weak quality material

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to replace the handle on Fiskars chopping axe?

There’s no question of replacing any Fiskars x27 handles as it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if any replacement is needed, contact Fiskars customer support, and you are sent a new one.

Can the Fiskars wood splitting axe split pinewood and other hardwood like oak and cherry with knots and twists?

It depends on the diameter of the wood. If it’s less than 20” then the Fiskars log splitting axe can effortlessly do it. However, it is a bit light for tough, knotty cross-grained log pieces.

What is the axe head’s weight?

It weighs only 6 pounds.

Why does the Fiskars axe indicate ‘not to be used as a sledgehammer’ when its metal head can take a sledge blow?

Yes, the Fiskars super splitter is robust and can be hit by small handheld mauls. However, the full force of a sledgehammer can damage its handle and lifetime warranty if the head is missed.

Does the Fiskars splitting maul need sharpening?

A. Any axe eventually needs sharpening, including the Fiskars X27. It’s easily sharpened with a few passes through the Fiskars’ cheap and optional Axe and Knife Sharpener.

Final Verdict

Based on this Fiskars x27 review, the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe seems to be the best axe for splitting wood. Produced by the Finnish company Finland, this splitting axe is lightweight but sturdy.

It has all the features you want in the Fisakars x27 axe like PermaHead design, DuraFrame handle, an ultra-sharp edge and advanced bevel convex blade.
Moreover, it’s perfect power-to-weight ratio and balance produces better swing speeds and power for one swing splits. All these features and its lifetime warranty combine to give a super splitting axe worth buying and adding to your toolkit.

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