What is The Best Log Splitters in 2022 Reviewed By Expert

When you are no longer able to crack down logs due to the slow splitting operation of an axe and your backache caused by a heavy splitting maul, log splitters enable you to split at a higher pace without causing you pain.

What is why wood splitters, which are the latest gift of modern technology for woodworkers, are the best option. And it’s the time you said goodbye to traditional splitting axes if you have loads of logs to be split.

However, there are different types of wood cutters which range from manual to powered ones. Powered splitting machines vary depending upon the fuel used.

Here are a few best log splitters picked up from hundreds of choices. Why not give a try one we listed by doing a research?

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Best Log Splitters in 2022 Reviews

1. champion 25 ton log splitter reviews

If you are a commercial user and efficiency is your main priority then Champion 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return is your unit. It can be a domestic splitter too.

Do you know why it has the highest efficiency? Because it can split in both horizontal and vertical directions that means to you that you don’t need to struggle to lift heavy logs onto it, reducing work time. Besides, this feature offers you relief from the back-breaking work of splitting logs.

This firewood cracking machine boasts a powerful Champion 224cc single cylinder engine through which the splitter delivers 25 tons pressure to process any types of logs, including toughest one, up to 24-inch long, weighing up to 100 pounds. The engine has a 0.9-gallon fuel tank along with 0.6-quart oil capacity and a low-oil shutoff safety.

The dependable auto return valve completes process cycle within only 12 seconds and is capable of 300 cycles per hour. One of the reasons for its increased efficiency is 2-stage gear pump which adjusts flow and pressure by delivering high flow or low pressure according to your needs. Although it is one of the most powerful log divider working on gas, it’s easy to transport since it fits in most truck beds, plus easily towable with DOT approved wheels.

2. powerhouse xm-380 7-ton electric hydraulic log splitter

When it comes to Power house, you are going to have a wood splitting machine with something new and innovative. So, what’s new with XM-380 electric hydraulic log splitter?.

It’s with double handles which allow you to remove your hands after you load the log, thus avoiding injury while splitting. This feature also lets you move around as you don’t need to hold the log out when splitting. With 3 horsepower motor, it can split maximum 21-inch long logs having up to 12-inch diameter. The power that the motor requires to operate is 2500 watt.

You can chop woods at the rate of 3500 rpm, which means it splits too faster. It takes only 6 seconds to split a log having 20.5-inch length and 12 inches diameter. And ram returns to the previous place within 5 seconds to get ready for cracking the next log down.I would recommend you this splitting device if you want to cut a hundred pieces of logs within just an hour. More importantly, no worries about the environment pollution since it is operated by electricity. This wood splitter is decently portable with a weight of 104 pounds.

3. wen 6.5-ton electric log splitter

If you own WEN 56207 Electric Log Splitter log, you have 13000 pounds of log cracking pressure all on your hands. Now you can transform logs into small firewood with it. The powerful 15-amp motor allows you to split easily logs with 10 inches diameter and 20.5 inches length.

As the important parts, it has a 16 square inches push plate, a 5-inch wedge, and a 14.75-inch cylinder stroke, which enable you to crack even hardwood. This powerful instrument takes only 20 seconds to complete the operation. 

Since it runs on electricity, it means you have no hassle with the fuel and the expense of gasoline. It doesn’t matter whether the ground you place the splitter on is wet or dry because 34-inch stand offers you an option to work in a waist-height. You are not going to worry about the movements as WEN provides 5.5 inches never flat wheel so that you can move it wherever needed.

4. Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Maybe you would like to do low labor to slice more woods without mechanical power. If so, Sun Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is your unique choice.It is almost equivalent to powered log splitters thanks to its heavy steel construction to continue your project years after years.

The manually operated 2 pumps can quickly generate up to 10 tons of driving force which in return pushes the hydraulic ram to build a force on the log to be cracked down.

This manual tool features a log cradle to prevent the log from falling while splitting. Although it is somewhat heavy due to steel construction, you have no difficulties to transport it anywhere thanks to 2.48-inch rear wheels Sun Joe offers with it.

5. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

An excellent firewood splitter with a few eye-catchy features developed by Boss. I think it would be your best investment on Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter.

I am telling you why. Firstly, hydraulic ram returns automatically after one log is split into two, thus saving time and effort. Besides,2 horse powerful motor, which requires 13.5 amp current to operate itself, delivers 7 tons of log cracking pressure very quickly.

It looks like a boss as its name thanks to the gorgeous design. Boss built it with inside rails to keep the log stable when splitting. Moreover, the one hand operation feature makes it unique that outreaches the rest of the pack.This unit is very portable since it comes with relatively large wheels. It is easily movable from one place to another. You are going to have such a powerful and eye-catchy wood divider without the difficulty of using fuel and money expense for oil or gas. 

6. Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

This is one of our best picks from a wide variety of many powered splitting machines. We narrowed down it from Champion for it has a few technical features which suit best for average users. Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter is designed with an integrated log cradle and low profile which let you load logs onto it effortlessly.

The simple woodcutter is powered by a reliable 80cc engine that delivers 7 tons splitting capacity to work through up to 19-inches logs weighing up to 50-pounds. 

Champion designed it with a skewed wedge to make this appliance real champion in splitting with the highest efficiency. It has 1.3-gallon oil capacity and operates at the rate of 3 gpm to continue power through hardwood. Most interestingly the dependable valve returns automatically and is capable of producing 180 cycles per hour.

You can cut depending on what your need is, adjusting low pressure for softwood and high pressure for tough wood with its 2-stage adjustable gear pump. 

7. YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton – Best log splitter for the money

Unlike most of the other splitters, YARDMAX log splitter looks different in term of design and size. It has a few distinguishing features that stand out from its most of competitors.

To begin with, this is designed with a log tray to hold the log onto it when splitting.

To begin with, this is designed with a log tray to hold the log onto it when splitting. Secondly, it has a nice stand that keeps you straight, reducing the need for bending again and again to operate it, hence you no longer feel a little amount of backpain.

Besides, the 7’’ larger wheels let you remove the whole engine wherever you need effortlessly. Although tires are not too robust due to plastic made but the plastic makes it lightweight compared to other brands.Max guarantees you to get your job done fast with its powerful 5-ton ram force. And it takes 16 seconds of shorter cycle time. The maximum log capacity is 20.5’’ in length and 10’’ in diameter. However, I would say it is the best option for the homeowner in the backyard. 

8. Goplus 6 Ton 1500W Hydraulic Electric Splitter

It is a small instrument in size but very effective in the wood cracking operation. It is an ideal splitter for both outdoors and indoors.I recommend it for those who need to cut efficiently small amount of wood for burning stove or fireplace at home. Its simple design makes it much easier to operate, even no need of experience.

I think it is the most portable one among all I have reviewed. The lightweight is not only the reason for its easy portability. Two big wheels play an important role in its easy transportation.

 Not only this it has also two comfort handles which help you move the splitter everywhere it is needed. Goplus Electric Log Splitter efficiently works with 1500w to give 6- ton splitting pressure. It can smoothly process logs of 20-inch length and 10-inch diameter.

All that you would like about this particular model is comfort with a faster job. Last but foremost, this simple machine is constructed with durable materials to ensure long term service lifespan.

9. YARDMAX YU2566 25 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

How would it be if you can break apart wood into four pieces instead of two? No, it’s not a dream. YARDMAX is giving you this opportunity without overpaying. With a perfect combination, this durable log cutter designed with the 4-way wedge to slice the log into 4-pieces. This makes it most suitable for professional contractor and commercial people.

As the engine of this item is built with a dependable 208cc engine capable of creating 25-ton wood cracking pressure, you can perform cracking operation much faster, no matter how hard the wood is.

YARDMAX guarantees you to release the pressure of overproduction. While the dual end cylinder support ensures the equal weight distribution, cylinder handle helps position the splitter with ease.Now, let me give you an overview of the structural design of this robust mechanical tool. Firstly, it features dual log cradles to catch splitting logs in the position. Besides, it is designed with a spinner foot plate to rotate log for splitting, reducing the stress on the beam. Moreover, U-beam structural design makes it stronger than the typical beam.

10. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

This specific lightweight splitting device is the best option for its reasonable price. If you are in under budget but intending to get released from a backache caused by traditional heavy splitting maul then Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter is must choice for you. Let me tell you why it is your unit.

The 1.75 HP heavy induction motor lets you work with 20.5-inch long and 10-inch diameter logs using 6-ton cracking pressure. The 5’’ cutting wedge does big splitting work effortlessly with 18 seconds cycle time only.

The built-in stroke limiter reduces the cycle time when you slice into shorter logs, thus improving the efficiency. The hydraulic ram returns automatically.I must say this awesome log slicing machine exceeds your all expectations with a lower budget. It does not only splitting job well, but it is also easily movable too. Southland provides 2 large (7-inch) wheels for easy mobility. When not in use, you can fold the beam up vertically for storage. So You are not going to worry about the room it takes in your garage. 

The complete buyer’s guide for the log splitter​​​​

The complete buyer’s guide for the log splitter​​​​

What is The Best Log Splitter?

The log splitter also known as the wood splitter is a tool used to split precut logs of wood into two or four pieces suitable for starting stoves and fireplace.

However, there are many types of splitting machines which offer different kinds of benefits depending upon their capacity, size, amount of manual labor, and fuel system. This article will cover types of the log splitters, their advantages and disadvantages, and important features which help you find the best log splitter for the money.

Types of log splitters

There mainly four types of wood splitters available on the market. They areManual Log SplittersElectric Log SplittersGas Log SplittersKinetic Log Splitters

Manual Log Splitters

This kind of splitter is also called man-powered log splitters since they require more or less amount of labor to operate. Manual cutters are very simple and affordable. If you are in a tight budget and cannot exceed your lower budget, you can go with this kind. This affordable type cannot provide you more than 10-tons of splitting capacity. So, if you have loads of splitting job to do, you should not opt this item. But for occasional users, this simple option would be the best. Although they range in different models, they commonly come with the 2-speed pump to control speed according to your jobs type.

Electric Log Splitters

As the name suggests, this type of splitter is powered by electricity. That means you have no worries about fuel used and money expense. Unlike gas-powered splitters, they don’t release fumes that cause health effects to you and your neighbors. Since this kind are built to run with standard 120-volt electricity power, you are allowed to operate them using your household usual voltage. They can be used in the house as like as manual ones.The only drawback of such devices is you cannot use them in outdoor where no electricity is available. So make sure the availability of electricity source when planning to work far from your house. The working power of this type varies with the size and model, but they are powerful enough to split even knotty woods.

Gas Log Splitter

The main difference between gas and electric splitters is in the source of power. Gas log splitters run on gas and generate harmful gas fumes. But the proper ventilation can hold off this unhealthy fumes. As opposed to electric ones, they are most suitable for outdoor use. These are bulkier in size than rest of others but easy to transport one place to other owing to the integrated trailer hitch and large wheels.Commercial people are highly recommended to buy this type of cutting machines because they offer the highest amount of splitting power around 38 tons. Compared to any other kinds, this bulky type is the most expensive because of the huge size and capacity. They, however, require changing oil and air filter that can be a little hassle for you. But if maintained carefully, they will serve you years after years.

Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic Log Splitters

These are the most advanced type of firewood cutting equipment. They don’t use hydraulic pumps as like as most of the splitters do. Rather they employ two powerful flywheels to run the machine applying kinetic technology. And the weight of these flywheels varies depending upon the model. The heavier these flywheels, the more energy they produce.However, the most important factor you look for when it comes to choosing the best hydraulic log splitter is the tonnage, I mean the splitting capacity. But in term of the kinetic log splitter, you cannot measure capacity with tonnage. Where hydraulic splitters complete the cycle within 15-30 seconds, kinetics take only 2-3 seconds and split in lightening speed. Because this advanced kind can deal with the toughest wood at high speed, they are widely used in industry. Industrialists are encouraged to go with this stronger and faster wood cutting machineries.

Bottom Line

All you need to get the best log splitter for the price is to ask yourself a few questions like what the splitter will be used for, how much capacity the splitter should have, whether it will run by electricity or gas or by manpower. After that find one from our list that goes with your requirements. Now all the process is done, and start splitting with a lot of fun.

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