Truper Splitting Maul – Review and Buyer Guide in 2022

Do you have an impossible load of wood to split, and just don’t know how to get about it?

Do you know that one of the main reasons for this feeling of helplessness is because you don’t have the right tools to tackle the job?

Yes, no matter how large your wood cutting arsenal may seem, it’s not complete without a strong wood splitter with a good reputation of splitting all kinds of logs, of any thickness like the Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul.

Red 12 Pound Truper 32415 Splitting Maul with 27-Inch Steel Handle

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Read our Truper Splitting Maul Review article to make your purchase decision. You have come to the right place for help with your wood splitting project as I know just what you are going through too. I too faced the same problem, and always despised the chore of splitting wood.

I knew it was necessary but the effort, strain and time were too much for me. However, things have now changed after I bought the 12-pound Truper Splitting Maul that has a 27-inch steel handle. In fact, I can now split an entire load of wood in a matter of minutes!

Truper Splitting Maul Review – Top Features

  • Heavy head weighs 12 pounds
  • Shorter steel handle helps split heavy logs
  • Strike guard prevents vibrations, chipping and aching fingers
  • Strong steel handle that is 27” long
  • Shorter steel handle means minimal fatigue
  • Rubber grip rightly compliments heavy head and steel handle
  • Firm rubber grip located at the end of the handle

Truper Splitting Maul – Buyer Guide

Yes, things have changed once I’d added this Truper 12 pound maul to my wood splitting arsenal. This is the best splitting maul for difficult and large wood splitting projects as it’s designed to handle impossible wood splitting projects.

It’s not surprising actually because it’s manufactured by Truper, a leading company in the hand tool industry for more than five decades. The company is known for manufacturing and standing behind quality tools.

This is why each hatchet comes with a Truper guarantee for quality and durability. The company also follows a mission of placing the best tool in your hands at a reasonable price. It’s this dedication that has earned the company a spot as one of the best brands of hardware tools worldwide.The Truper 32415 was created mainly as a special tool to use for splitting thick blocks of wood. It’s during those times that it seems practically impossible to split some types of hardwood and thick blocks that the Truper 32415 comes to the rescue because of the following special features:-

Powerful steel handle

Unlike other wood splitting axes that have a wooden or fiberglass handle, the Truper 32415 comes with a 27-inch heavy steel construction handle. The fact that the handle is 27 inches long is an added benefit to it. This is because longer handles tend to tire you out faster as you split wood.However, on the contrary, shorter handles like this 27” handle gives you better control which in turn gives you better precision when you split wood. Besides, as you don’t tire that fast, you can continue splitting wood for a longer period.

Presence of a strike guard

If you hold the Truper 32415, you’ll notice that the last three inches of the handle from the point the head is attached is double in thickness. This thickness is a strike guard and is there for a purpose.It helps reduce or better, eliminate vibrations formed when the head and handle hit a hard block of wood.

So there’s no need of worrying about your fingers aching because of the vibrations on the handle. Besides, while fiberglass and wooden handle tend to slowly chip away if you don’t hit a perfect strike every time, this is prevented in the Truper 32415 thanks to the strike guard. 

Truper 12-pound head

While most splitting mauls weigh 5-6 pounds, the Truper splitting maul’s dual steelhead weighs 12 pounds. It’s no surprise that the maul gives great results when this 12 pounds of hardened steel hits anything.

The heavy head is another reason for Truper to have a steel handle, to match it and provide better control with each swing. This was necessary as the maul produces an intense splitting force each time the axe head penetrates a block of wood. And with so much power in each swing, wood splitting become so much faster and efficient

Firm Grip

With such a heavy head and a solid steel handle, it’s quite obvious the Truper maul handle comes with a firm, solid grip. This is why you find a sure-grip rubber handle at the end of the 27” steel handle that gives you a tight hold no matter if you wear gloves or not.

The grip lets you quickly split multiple logs with wedges all lined up in a row. And as you needn’t wear gloves, you can quickly shift the wedges to new logs so that you can quickly split wood with your Truper splitting maul plunging down on the wood.


  • Steel handle is 27” long
  •  Shorter handle leads to less strain than while using long-handled mauls
  • Rubber grip gives a firm grip while splitting wood
  •  Strike guard reduces vibrations
  •  Strike guard prevents aching fingers
  • Gloves not necessary
  • Strike guard prevents possible chipping of handle
  • Heavy head gives extra power in each swing


  • Some people may find it heavy to lift
  • Some complain its edge is a bit too blunt and dull
  • Make sure no one is around while splitting wood as the maul comes down hard on wood which may fly off in directions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Isn’t the Truper 32415 heavy?Yes, it is heavy, and this is its unique characteristic. Splitting logs is much faster and easier because of it.Why is the handle short?The short handle doesn’t tire you while splitting wood. So you get more work done in less time.Why aren’t gloves necessary while using the Truper 32415?Gloves are not necessary as its sure-grip rubber handle gives you quite a tight hold to quickly split logs. Why is there some thickness near the head?This thickness is a strike guard that reduces vibrations while using the maul so that there’s no chipping of handles or aching fingers.

Final Verdict

So the next time you are overwhelmed by your wood splitting project, instead of brooding about it, it’s better to make things easier for you by buying yourself the Truper splitting maul, just like I did.With its reputation for handling all kinds and thicknesses of logs, this is indeed a tool worth investing to add to your existing toolset.

You can quickly split mauls by making powerful hits and swings on your wedges. The splitting maul comes from Truper, a company that’s famous for their strong tools, and is safe to invest in. So instead of wasting time, it’s better to buy your Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul with 27-Inch Steel Handle and get started with your project!

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