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Husqvarna 32” wooden splitting maul

Do you know a quality splitting maul can work faster than an axe, even on tough wood? Of course, it does, if it is a branded quality splitting maul. Not only does a quality maul split faster but also works with a large amount of woods easily. In this consideration, I would recommend you Husqvarna […]

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Husqvarna Carpenters Axe

husqvarna carpenters axe

Maybe you are looking for a best carpenter axe that is of good quality but not super expensive. If so, you must consider Husqvarna 19 Inch carpenter axe because when it comes to Husqvarna’s axe, you certainly get Swedish hand-forged quality axe with an affordable price.In addition to considering brand and country of origin, you […]

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Kindling Cracker Review: Firewood Kindling Splitter


Did you know that getting a campfire going is a pretty safe and secure thing to do, but cutting kindling is slightly dangerous?Though all you need to start a fire is a pile of small-sized kindling, it gets both difficult and dangerous to cut thin wood.This inconvenience is now all a thing of the past, […]

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Collins Wood Splitting Wedge Review

collins wood splitting wedge review

Do you have lots of wood to split, and are looking for the right tools to help you make the task so much more relaxed?Do you prefer splitting wood manually so that you get a good workout while cutting wood? If yes, then the best Wood Splitting Wedge seems to be ideal for your work […]

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Estwing Sure Split Wedge Review


Are you looking for the best wood splitting tools that make quick work of splitting wood as you have loads of other work to do?If this is the case, you should read this Estwing Sure Split Wedge Review instead of looking at other log splitting wedges reviews.Through this wood splitting wedges reviews, you learn that […]

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Oregon Felling Wedge Review

Are you fed up with your saw binding in cuts while felling trees? Do you need help setting the direction of the tree you are felling?Look no further as the Oregon felling wedge is here to help you! Read the following Oregon Felling Wedge Review to find out how this plastic wedge tool can help […]

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GransforsBruks Small Forest Axe Review

gransforsbruks small forest axe review

Are you looking for a reliable and robust axe small enough to fit into your rucksack?Do you need an axe that makes clean cuts and is like a hybrid camping and bushcraft axe? You are in luck as there’s an axe that fits your requirements in the GransforsBruks Small Forest Axe.Now you may wonder if […]

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Fiskars 28” Chopping Axe Review

Fiskars 28” Chopping Axe Review

Are you tired of cutting wood with short chopping axes that makes wood processing so much more tedious?Are you looking for a stronger wood chopping axe that gives more power with each strike to help you chop more wood in less time?If yes, you may find your answer in this Fiskars 28” chopping axe review.This […]

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Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe Review


Are you tired checking out different chopping axes to find the best for your personal use?It’s not easy making a choice as there are so many types, brands and sizes to choose from. However it’s important you choose the perfect axe that fits your budget, height and swinging style and of course, something that you can […]

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The Cold Steel Trail Boss Review

Cold Steel Trail Boss review

Buying an axe is easy; but are you finding it difficult choosing the perfect one within your budget and fitting your needs?Well, it’s most probably because you don’t know where to look at, and why you need it. You need to choose an axe that fits all your camping and travelling needs and something that […]

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