12 Reasons to Have an Axe/Maul in the Home

Do not judge a book by its cover it is said. Similarly, don’t think that an axe or maul only cut and split wood.

Are you aware of the fact that there are much more than ten reasons to have an axe/maul in the home like helping you set up the tent and for improving your chainsaw’s working efficiency?

Not many realize that one of the most useful tools in an emergency is an ax. Yes, though you may relate axes as tools to be used only for cutting trees and wood, there are in fact various other reasons and benefits to having a best splitting axe or maul in your home at all times. Curious to learn what these ideas to have an axe/maul at home are, well read on!

12 Situation to have an axe/maul in the home

#01 An Integral Part Of Your Survival Kit

If you are an outdoor person, your axe works as a handy all-purpose tool to carry along with you on your camping or hunting trips and even while going on country drives. They are most useful for processing firewood in emergencies when you need to start a campfire outdoors. In addition to this, it was also helpful and necessary to shave kindling you’ll need to start the fire.

#02 Help Heat Your Home

No matter if you live in the city or country, or if you saw your firewood or prefer having your cordwood delivered, you need to cut the wood into manageable pieces to fit your stove or fireplace. An axe is sharp and accurate enough to cut the wood into pieces while the more massive maul will help you split your wood effortlessly. Mauls are better for splitting firewood than axes as it breaks the wood by separating long wood fibers.

#03 Help Heat Your Home

When you prefer using a dewalt 20v chainsaw for cutting your wood, you’ll like to know that an axe has to accompany it too. This is because there is a possibility of your chainsaw getting stuck in the middle of the tree you are chopping.

In such a situation, a maul proves helpful for hitting a wedge into the spot to free the chainsaw to with your cutting. An axe also proves handy at getting some essential limbing and clearing work done while your chainsaw takes a break.

#04 Clear Trees Where Needed

Another reason If you have nearby trees to cut, the best thing to do is to use your axe to chop down all and any stray obstructing branches. The sharp ax will help you take care of this in no time at all. Axes also prove useful to clear any downed trees on back roads while on a camping trip or countries drive. Instead of making a change in the plan because of the blocked way, just use your tool to clear the road and proceed as usual!

#05 trimming and shaping wood

If you have a hobby of making art crafts or furniture using wood, then an axe can prove helpful to you. It is sharp enough to cause minimal damage to the wood while you cut, trim and shape wood as per your art or furniture requirements.

#06 Winter Savior

You have to be ready for all sorts of unexpected things in winter, like your car getting stuck in snow or thick ice obstructions. This is when you realize the importance of having an axe for cutting thick ice that’s blocking and hindering you. You can also use it for digging out your car that’s stuck in snow at home or when on your camping or hunting trip.

#07 Help Remove Rocks

While on a camping spree, there’s always a chance of your ending up at a spot where there are no designated campground or sleeping areas to set up the tent. In such cases, the splitting maul in your car proves helpful for clearing up spaces by removing big rocks, in addition to eliminating big branches and shrubs.

#08 Help Set Up Tent

You not only need a best splitting maul to clear up sufficient space for the tent but also need it to help you set up your tent for sleeping! You naturally want your tent to be set up as securely as possible so that there are minimal chances of it getting blown away due to rough weather. This is when the blunt edge of a maul proves helpful at efficiently pounding stakes into the ground. Mauls are better than other tools for the task as other devices may not be able to take the pressure off the pounding, and may only end up damaged!

#09 For Protection

It goes without saying that a maul or axe both prove helpful if you have some unpleasant encounters during your outdoor adventure. Not only can you use it for hitting an animal, but all you need to do is also show it and animals, and even people to prevent them from doing any harm to you! So protection is one of the reasons to have an axe/maul at home.

#10 For emergencies

Emergencies occur unannounced, so you never know when you may need something to get you out of a situation. For example if there’s a fire at home or some other reason where you need to get out, a splitting maul or axe proves helpful at breaking down most doors and windows! In other words, it’s better to be ready for emergencies by having a maul or axe at home instead of regretting not having one! You can also read our home improvement tools review article to know more about home improvement tools.

#11 For Use In The Spot Of Axe Throwing

Axes are also famous in a woodsman sport where you are awarded points for throwing the axe to the center of the target. The axe has a massive head that gives a balanced grip to the body which when thrown, adds to the power of the throw.

#12 Stimulates The Brain

Last, but not least, not many know that it’s not only muscle power that you need to use an axe but your mind and sensitivity. You need to read the wood well before cutting or splitting it so that you can let the weight of the axe, and not your efforts do most of the work.

Once you learn how to use an axe with the right skills, you automatically have to learn all there is to know about wood like how different woods behave and which are the best tools to use for various tasks like making firewood and building purposes. In other words, an axe stimulates not only your muscle power but also your brains!

Now you know these 12 reasons to have an axe/maul at home, it’s time you went out and bought one!

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