Kindling Cracker Review: Best Kindling Splitter Guide

Did you know that getting a campfire going is a pretty safe and secure thing to do, but cutting kindling is slightly dangerous?

Though all you need to start a fire is a pile of small-sized kindling, it gets both difficult and dangerous to cut thin wood.

This inconvenience is now all a thing of the past, all thanks to a little girl from New Zealand. Curious to know what she did? You’ll find your answer in this Kindling Cracker review. All thanks go to 14-year-old Ayla Hutchinson is responsible for creating the Kindling Cracker which splits wood safely. 

It was after her mom had cut her finger with a hatchet while splitting wood that Ayla decided she had to find a more relaxed and a safer method to split wood, without using hatchets or axes.

The Kindling wood splitter is simple in design. It’s a massive, relatively blunt axe head with a metal ring mounted on it. Splitting wood in it is a cinch as you just have to put the wood into it and tap with a maul or a wood piece. This is all you need to keep doing to get a pile of perfectly sized kindling soon.

There are different type of best axe for kindling in the market today! but the Kindling Cracker so safe to use, even children can safely cut wood with it. This comes as a significant relief, as children sometimes feel left out as they can’t help in splitting wood. It’s also risky for parents to have children cut wood as according to child labor laws, it’s prohibited for teens below the age of 18, who aren’t part of any legitimate student learner program, to use woodworking machines and saws.

The Kindling Cracker review – Key Features

  • Needs less force than a standard axe to split wood
  • A simply designed, high-quality cast iron kindling splitter made in an Australian foundry
  • Invented by a child, and safe for even children to use to cut wood
  • The top ring has a diameter of 6.5 inches
  • Can split wood with a maximum of 6.5” circumference
  • Splits wood without risk of your hands coming in contact with any moving blades or sharp objects

Best Kindling Splitter – Things to consider

Best Kindling Splitter - Things to consider

The Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter is lightweight and portable enough for anyone to use, creating the perfect accompaniment to camping trips. Though small, it effectively splits all your wood with minimal effort. It’s made of high-quality cast iron and is durable enough to last for generations if well maintained. The only drawback is its stability which its benefits outweigh.

Compact and portable

The best kindling splitter weighs just 10 pounds and is small enough to carry wherever you need to split wood into kindling. As it’s compact, it’s mainly useful for cutting smaller logs and not much intended for full-on log splitting. It thus makes a great addition to your list of camping supplies.

Durable but safe

This manual log splitter is of high-quality cast iron and lightweight, but durable. It’s produced in an Australian foundry, and if maintained well, will sustain for generations. As there’s no need of using any hatchet or splitting axe to split wood, it’s safe enough for even children to cut wood.

Can be screwed down for stability

As the kindling wood splitter device is lightweight, you may need to screw it down onto a stump for additional security. This is why it has four bolt holes on its base which for the permanent mounting of the splitting wedge.

Not meant for big sized wood

There is one drawback and in fact, the only complaint of this splitter, which is that since its mouth has a radius of only 6.5”, it’s not possible to use it to split large to averagely sized logs.

Minimum maintenance

Kindling Cracker Review Minimum maintenance

There is no extensive maintenance ritual to follow with the firewood Kindling splitter. It just needs an occasional brushing to get rid of any settled dust and a periodical coat of paint to prolong its life.

Nothing complicated

All you need to do to split wood using the Kindling Cracker is to place the wood to be split inside the splitter’s safety ring. Then hit it with any blunt instrument like a hammer or even a wood piece. You can hit with much less force than you’d use to swing a maul or axe. 

The wood is quickly and easily split once it’s driven onto the wood splitter. So you get your pile of kindling without swinging any dangerous mauls or axes that may injure your hands. 


  • Very easy and safe to use by anyone, including kids
  • No need of using an axe as a mallet efficiently splits wood
  • Easily splits wood, thanks to its curved blade
  • Comprises of a single, cast iron framed splitter from an Australian foundry
  • Screwing it down onto the work surface helps keep it steady while splitting wood
  • Lightweight and portable to carry on camping trips


  • Not helpful for dividing hard and seasoned woods
  • May not be portable if screwed to a surface for stability because of its additional size and weight
  • There would be the possibility of it rusting if left mounted outdoors for extended periods

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can big wood logs be placed inside the ring?

As the ring has a diameter of 6.5 inches, you can easily insert wood with a maximum circumference of 6.5 inches.

Does the blade need sharpening?

It doesn’t need much sharpening as this is not a regular log splitter. It’s unique in design and function and doesn’t have to be razor sharp to split wood. If you do think that the Kindling Cracker is a bit dull and should be sharpened, then a metal file is all you need to sharpen it.

Does it have to be attached to a piece of plywood before using or can it be used right on the floor?

It is better if the Kindling Cracker is attached do something shock-absorbent like a stump for better work efficiency.

As cast iron is brittle, won’t the Kindling Cracker break if accidentally hit ?

As cast iron is brittle, won’t the Kindling Cracker break if accidentally hit ?

Yes, cast iron is brittle, but as the Kindling Cracker is very solid in structure, there is no worry about anything breaking.

Can the Kindling Cracker be taken camping?

Yes, it can be carried anywhere as it’s not necessary to attach it to anything before use.

Final Verdict

In case you need to split wood to make kindling to start any type of fire but are too afraid to split wood as you are afraid of getting hurt by sharp tools, the Kindling Cracker seems to be the best log splitter for you.

Through this Kindling Cracker review, you learn that what had started out as a science fair project by a young student, who wanted to create something that could split wood into kindling without any injuries, has now become a permanent award winner and is internationally reclaimed.

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