Fiskars X15 Review – Made For Chopping Wood

Are you tired checking out different chopping axes to find the best for your personal use?It’s not easy making a choice as there are so many types, brands and sizes to choose from. 

However it’s important you choose the perfect axe that fits your budget, height and swinging style and of course, something that you can comfortably use without much stress or difficulties.

The Fiskars X15 is an axe that should fit your requirements, and if you wonder why, well you’ll find your answers in this Fiskars x15 review!

This high-quality wood chopping axe is from Fiskars, a leading company known for producing functional and living products company. It was founded in Finland in the year 1649, and now has many reputable brands under its helm like Fiskars, Gerber, Waterford, and Wedge-wood.

The company takes the utmost pride in producing innovative tools that help make cooking, gardening and crafting so much more comfortable.

The Fiskars Chopping axe too makes chopping wood so much more efficient and quick. Its Duraframe handle is synthetic, waterproof and practically unbreakable, and it’s hardened forged steel blade is sharp enough to use in all conditions.

  • Weight- 3.4 pounds
  • Has a hardened forged steel blade
  • Made in Finland

  • Has a shock absorbent Duraframe handle with non-slip grip
  • best axe for felling trees
  • Gets work done faster by making deeper chops

things to consider before buying fiskars x15 Chopping axe

Ergonomically designed handle

The X15 axe’s FiberComp handle may be lightweight, but is stronger than steel and efficiently prevents against striking damage. The handle’s nonslip grip also helps reduce hand strain while providing improved control over your swings.

The chopping axe is ergonomically designed to reduce the vibration felt while chopping wood. This is unlike other axes with wooden or fiberglass handles where chopping wood is uncomfortable because of excessive vibrations.

The X15 can be considered to be the best axe for cutting wood. It not only has a specially forged medium carbon steel blade, but it’s covered with a non-sticking substance that prevents the edge from getting stuck in the log while chopping wood. This helps you cut more wood in less time and also provides for deeper chopping.

Besides, while the X15 has an overall triangular shaped profile, it’s very thin edge provides for deep penetration, perfect wood shaping and for doing everything from bucking and felling to splitting wood. It in fact even chops hugely knotted logs with minimal effort!

Splitting axe safety features

The Fiskars x15 axe’s blade’s insert molded design helps solve the dangerous problem of loosening axe heads as it’s practically impossible for it to detach from its handle.

The edge is also well protected by the durable plastic sheath that comes with all Fiskars axes, including the X15. Though the sheath may not have the best designs, it serves its purpose of protecting the blade well.

Short, strong and lightweight

At 23.5 inches long, the wood chopping axe is shorter than most axes in the market. However, it is also very durable, lightweight and versatile and offers the benefit to easy transporting from one place to another. It fells trees well with its excellent weight distribution and extremely sharp-edged blade. Besides, shorter splitting axes provide for a more comfortable swing, even for tall people.

Gets work done faster

The X15 chopping axe’s perfected weight distribution, unique blade geometry, integrated design and ultra-sharp edge lets the blade bite deeper while chopping for maximum performance. The deeper blade penetrations in each swing help you cut more wood in less time with minimal efforts and hand strain.


  • Perfect for felling trees
  • Chops trees deeper and faster with its more profound swings
  • Handle’s nonslip grip reduces hand strain and provides for improved control
  • Blade made of hardened forged steel that remains sharp longer than other axes
  • Increased swing speed and power thanks to its perfect balance and power-to-weight ratio
  • Sharper edge provides for better contact and cleaner cuts
  • Sharper edge due to its proprietary blade-grinding technique
  • Comes with a Fiskars x15 sheath that protects both the blade and user
  • Lightweight FiberComp handle absorbs shock and is stronger than steel


  • Blade edge needs some sharpening after a few uses

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does the Fiskars x15 come with a plastic sheath?
Yes, like all Fiskars products, the Fiskars hatchet does have a plastic sheath that’s quickly put on and taken off.

Can the Fiskars x15 be used with a wedge?
As long as it’s a plastic or
wood felling wedge, yes, it’s possible. However, it’s not advised to use the Fiskars axe with steel splitting wedges.

Can the Fiskars x15 split even softwood like mesquite?
Yes, this is a wood splitting axe that can split all types of wood. No matter if you are splitting hard or soft wood, make sure you use a chopping block underneath the wood. This prevents your hitting the ground instead of the wood which may eventually dull and chip the axe’s edge.  

final note

Considering all the features, pros and cons listed in the Fiskars x15 review, it looks like this chopping axe may indeed be the best splitting axe in the market today.

It’s chopping and splitting prowess is practically unrivaled by any other Swedish, American, German or other vintage axes. To top it all, the axe comes with a lifetime warranty and a price that’s affordable by many, proving that this is indeed an unbeatable axe, which is worth investing.

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