Fiskars Axes and Hatchet Reviews (2022)

When it comes to fiskars axes, you are assured to have a quality tool. However, since it has a wide variety of axe models and sizes, you should know their intended usages to meet your needs and increase performance.

When it comes to fiskars axes, you are assured to have a quality tool. However, since it has a wide variety of axe models and sizes, you should know their intended usages to meet your needs and increase performance.

Here are top 3 Fiskars axe reviews to inform you when to buy which one and their use along with their distinguished features.

Fiskars Axes Comparison Chart

SerialProduct NameLengthWeightPrice


Fiskars X1523.5 Inch3.45 Pounds 


Fiskars X714 Inch1.38 Pounds 


Fiskars X2736 Inch8 Pounds 

Fiskars axe reviews (Top 3)

1. Fiskars Chopping Axe Reviews – X15

Fiskars’ X-series feature the combination of perfected weight ratio, advanced blade geometry, and an ultra sharp edge. So, X15 is no exception.

The heavier head of this ax is made from drop forged carbon steel. What makes the axe unique is the steel has a non-stick coating that helps the head not to get stuck into the wood while swung. You have no worries about the head coming off the handle thanks to the inseparable insert-molded head. X15 is a medium sized axe, and the purpose of its design is making felling trees easier and quicker. 

Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe

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With the longer handle and wider edge, it can fell big trees effortlessly. The hardwoods that you are not able to process with X7 can be processed easily with the heavy head of X15.

Overall, It is larger than X7 but smaller than X27. It comes with a 23.5-inch long handle that is not only break-resistance but comfortable too. Although the handle is made of fiberglass, you would feel as comfortable as a wooden handle.

The hard plastic sheath X15 includes is more durable than a container. You would be blazed of how functional it is to protect the edge of the blade and the user as well.

2. Fiskars 14 Inch Hatchet Reviews – X7

Unlike Fiskars X15 and X27, this one comes with smaller size, making it more suitable for camping, survival and outdoor use. I think it is not an axe but a hatchet which can be used for chopping small to medium-sized logs. What differs The X7 from other X-Series is the smaller size and its versatility.

The handle length is only 14-inch, perfect sized axe for camping and easily portable. It doesn’t matter how small your backpack is, you can easily pack this compact hatchet into your rucksack. The fiberglass handle is unbreakable and stronger than steel as like as X15 and X27.


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The X7 has a perfect combination of weight distribution and advanced blade geometry, which allows you to chop deeper with more blade penetration on every swing.

One of the major problems that often happen to traditional axes is the blade gets dull with every use. But the edge of Fiskars X7 stays extremely sharp even after several uses.

3. Fiskars 36 Inch Super Splitting Axe – X27

While X7 is meant for outdoor use and X15 for felling trees, Fiskar X27 is specially designed for splitting medium to large-sized logs. Many people call it one striking splitting tool since almost every strike with this axe splits wood.

Sometimes, it may beat gas log splitter with the big engine. People who prefer longer handle and require a great deal of splitting are recommended to buy this super powerful axe.


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Distinctively the X27 has a 36-inch longer handle made of fiberglass that can absorb vibrations to increase the comfort when splitting. The technology applied for using the reinforced fiber materials not only makes the handle different from others but also makes it lighter but yet stronger.

Like every X-series axe, X27 comes with a drop forged carbon steel head having a non-stick smooth coating to help you get the edge out of the wood when swinging. The proprietary blade design keeps the edge sharp and, the convex and beveled shape of the blade maximizes the efficiency. The blade has also a low friction coating to provide better contact and ensure cleaner cuts.

What makes Fiskars axes special?

It’s known that Fiskars axes are very popular among all people involved with wood cutting work. And Fiskars has already earned unwavering trust from people in the axe world. But have you ever thought why and how Fiskars axes became most wanted wood cutting tools?

Here are the reasons that make Fiskars axes specials.

The Quality

Since the establishment in 1649, Fiskars has been able to retain its reputation in product quality. People now know when it comes to Fiskars axes, they are assured to own quality tools.

Compared to many other brands, Fiskars has a high level of customers satisfaction thanks to its continual product quality. Here I would like to add a customer review as the proof ‘’ The best ax I have ever owned’’ Christopher. In a nutshell, I would say Fiskars is the brand name of the quality axe.

The Experience

Experience is the most important factor affecting product quality. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are and how advanced technology you have, you cannot guarantee the product quality if you have no experience in the related field.

Fiskars is one of the oldest axe suppliers in Finland which has more than 365 years experience in producing axes. And this is what brought Fiskars tools to the next level.

The Materials and Technology Used

A good quality product is always made of good materials. An ax mainly consists of a head and a handle. They should be made from super quality materials.

Fiskars produces axe head from hard forged carbon steel which is the best material for achieving the most durable head. And the technology applied to provide the steel non-stick feature makes super special.

Unlike traditional axes, the handles of Fiskars axes are made from reinforced fiber materials. Do you know why? Because Fiskars did research to produce lighter axe but yet stronger than wooden handles.

Reinforced fiberglass handle is the reflation of that research. The most surprising technology Fiskars applied to the handle is vibration adsorption that makes Fiskars axes most distinguished from others.

The bottom line for Fiskars axes

To be honest, Fiskars X-Series axes are same in quality and durability because they all are made from the same materials applying latest technology. All that makes them different with each other is their size and intended use.

What you need to do is just find one of them considering your needs. Once you choose one that fits your entire requirements, you would say this the axe I had been waiting for.

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