Estwing Camper’s Axe Review

No camping trip is complete without a multi-functional tool like a estwing camper’s axe. It is helpful for most of your camping tasks like felling and trimming trees, nicking timbers, splitting firewood and even for setting up camp for driving wooden or plastic stakes.

It also proves helpful as a hatchet of defense against unwelcome wild animals and guests and can at times also be used as a wedge! This is why it’s worth investing in one of the sturdier axes in the market, described in this estwing camper's axe 26 review

  • The best Tool Grade American steel head and handle forged into a single piece
  • Built sturdily to last a long time
  • 4” Cutting edge is hand sharpened for sharper cut
  • 9” rubber shock reduction grip reduces impact vibration by 70%
  • Accompanied by a durable ballistic nylon sheath
  • Made in the USA
  • Its rectangular head is perfectly designed to tap in tent stakes

things to consider before buying Estwing Camper’s Axe

Manufactured with attention to detail

This Estwing sportsman axe is another product from the famous Estwing Company, known for producing the best American-made outdoor tools. They use their 90 years industrial experience to build long-lasting and perfect devices, making it the preferred choice of outdoorsmen worldwide.

The Estwing tomahawk camping axe has been manufactured keeping a camper’s needs in mind. It not only has a hand polished head and neck that gives the axe a sparkling finish, but its hand sharpened 4” cutting edge provides for sharper and deeper cuts. Its rectangular head proves useful for tapping in tent stakes.

Drop forged and tempered to perfection

This Estwing sportsman hatchet is one of the most durable outdoor tools available on the market. It’s not surprising as its manufactured using Estwing’s unique drop forging and tempering process.

Though the Estwing campers axe may be lightweight, it’s sturdy enough to cut and chop small and medium-sized wood and branches. 

Patented shock reduction grip

The best splitting axe comes with Estwing’s patented 9” rubber Shock Reduction Grip. It’s bonded to the handle to effectively reduce all impact vibrations by as much as 70%. It also provides an excellent grip, to prevent unnecessary slippages and accidents.

Available in two sizes and two finishes

The Estwing’s hunters axe comes in two sizes to choose and buy according to your needs. It’s available in 16” and 26”versions, and in two finishes- in the company’s hand polished steel finish and special edition black finish.


  • Effectively splits kindling and large 20-24” wide logs
  • Lightweight, but also useful as a hammer and defensive weapon
  • Hand sharpened 4” cutting edge for more precise cuts
  • Hand polished to give an attractive finish
  • Comes with a durable ballistic nylon sheath
  • Has a 9” rubber Shock Reduction Grip which also prevents slippages
  • Head cannot come off because it’s forged with the handle into a single piece


  • Not fit for doing heavy work
  • Some people can feel the shock of impact
  • Some people find the 26” long handle uncomfortable

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to take care of the Estwing hatchet?

With the proper care, the long-handled axe Estwing e45a can look new for a long time. Coating the Estwing axe exposed metal portions with raw and not boiled linseed oil helps keep rust away.
Do not store the hatchet in its leather sheath. Wrap the Estwing splitting maul in waxed paper after covering with wheel bearing grease if you have to keep it away for a long time,

Is the Estwing long handle camp axe a better quality hatchet than standard Estwing camp axes?

No, it isn’t. It just looks neater and more attractive.

How much does the Estwing fireside friend weigh?

The Estwing hammer weighs about 5 pounds, which a healthy person can efficiently use with one hand. 

Final Verdict

The Estwing E45A 26”camper’s axe is 26” inches long and has a hand sharpened edge that provides for a sharp and deep cut.

According to the Estwing hatchet review, it is also useful for hitting stakes to help set up tent.

Lightweight in structure but durable enough to use as a hammer and defense weapon, this Estwing camper’s axe seems to be a worthy investment and addition to any outdoors person’s tool arsenal. Besides, it’s affordably priced for most people to buy! 

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