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Different Type Of Axes : Which One Fit For You?

types of axe

Are you finding it difficult selecting the perfect axe for yourself? Are you confused because there is no such thing as just an ordinary ‘axe’? There are so many different type of axes that you are just confused. It’s not surprising as an axe is a tool that serves many purposes. There are axes meant for […]

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How To Split Wood With An Axe


Did you know that chopping wood is not as smooth as shown in movies? There is always the risk of fingers, or your foot getting chopped if you don’t do it correctly.You need the right skill and technique to learn how to split wood with an axe, and above all, you need to use the correct […]

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12 Reasons to Have an Axe/Maul in the Home


Do not judge a book by its cover it is said. Similarly, don’t think that an axe or maul only cut and split wood.Are you aware of the fact that there are much more than ten reasons to have an axe/maul in the home like helping you set up the tent and for improving your chainsaw’s working […]

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How To Cut Wood : Tools Used To Cut Wood


Trying to find out how to cut wood so that your large firewood fits into your firebox or wood stove? Did you know that wood splitting is easiest on cold age, only if the wood has seasoned properly? It’s only by cutting wood properly will large diameter logs be rendered usable and also season quickly. It’s […]

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9 Firewood Burning Tips : The Beginner Guide


Do you have to start a fire burning, but just don’t know where and how to start?You most probably wonder what fuel you have to use to start a fire, and which firewood to use. Well, the first thing you need to know about burning firewood is that you should NEVER use any flammable liquids […]

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How Do You Season Firewood?

seosoning firewood

Do you wonder why your wood heater is using too much wood or why the fire produces more smoke than flame? Well, it’s most probably because the wood you are using for fuel is not seasoned properly. In other words, the wood is still wet and contains more than 20% of moisture. Looking for answers to […]

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What Is A Sledge Hammer Used For ?

sledge hammer used for

Did you know that the ‘hammer’ criminals in your favorite TV shows or movies use to break large concrete slabs are not traditional hammers, but sledge hammers? They are hand tools categorized under hammers, but are bigger than claw hammers and mallets. They have a longer and broader handle when compared to a standard hammer, which is […]

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How To Split Wood With A Wedge

split wood with a wedge

Did You Know That A Small, 4-Inch Tool Called A Wedge Can Efficiently Split Stubborn, Knotty Logs much better than an axe Can?Find It Hard To Believe? Well, It’s Time You Did As It’s, In Fact, Better To Use A Wedge To Split Wood Than An Ax As Its Dangerous Splitting Wood With Axes.Axes are better used […]

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How To Split Wood With A Maul

split wood with a maul

How to split wood with a maul ? Yes, with the increasing cost of heating your home, you might want to consider wood heating.Wood is cheap, readily available in most places, and renewable. On top of that, the new technology has made it more efficient than ever. Splitting on your own can be easy, as well, if […]

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