Best Wood Axe Brands – Top 5 Reviews (2022)

You must have thought you would be able to choose and buy an axe quickly, but ended up feeling all confused upon looking at the many types and brands available! It’s entirely accepted, especially if you are buying your first axe.

You don’t know which best wood axe brands have excellent or weak points and you may not even know what features to compare between axes!

Though all axes may seem similar to the novice, there are actually different axes for different purposes from various brands.

There are axes meant for making kindling, chopping trees and wood and for splitting wood. There are also famous brands like Fiskars, Husqvarna, and Grunsforbruk that specialize in different axes.

This is why you need to be well versed and know about different axes before buying them. You need to learn about the company manufacturing the axes and their reputation and read reviews to find out how good different axes are.

Comparison Chart To Pick The Best One

Brand Name

Products Name




Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

5.85 pounds


Gransfors Bruk

Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe

 2.2 pounds



Estwing 14” Fireside Friend Axe

4.15 Pounds



Husqvarna 26″ Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe

2.1 Pounds


Helko Vario

Helko Vario 2000

6.7 pounds


best wood axe brands Review in 2022

1. Fiskars – Best axe brands

The Fiskars Company was formed in 1649 in Finland by Peter Thorwoste. The company started manufacturing pig iron to convert into wrought iron and eventually produced Fiskars axes. It was during the industrial revolution that the company expanded its product line with axes, knives, household utensils, agricultural machinery, steam engines and scissors.

The company now has its largest division headquartered in Madison Wisconsin. Fiskars axes are especially famous for its quality axes ranging from small camping hatchets to full sized axes usable for heavy duty work.

Expert craftsmen work hard to make the axes. And the X-Series Axes is a perfect combination of advanced blade geometry, ideal weight distribution, and sharp edges. Perfect for all your chopping and splitting purposes. Here is a fiskars axe review the from Fiskars brands.

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Product description

  • Perfect for tall people
  • Long handle gives maximum splitting efficiency
  • Can be used to split medium to large-sized logs
  • Perfectly balanced axe thanks to its optimal power-to-weight ratio and extra sharp edge
  • Entire axe weighs just 5.85 pounds

The Fiskars 36” X27 Super Splitting axe is perfect for tall people or anyone needing a longer axe.

It delivers a lot of power required for splitting medium to extra large logs.

It’s combined optimal weight distribution, blade geometry, sharp edge and rugged design provides for an axe that gives maximum power in each stroke and swing.


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The axe easily stands the test of time as it’s made using durable materials. And as you will be using minimal efforts while splitting wood, this axe helps complete splitting jobs quicker with minimal strain. The axe is perfect for the extra tall, or for those looking for an axe with a longer handle!

2. Gransfors Bruk – wood axe brands reviews

Blacksmiths and artisans have been hand-forging axes in the Swedish village of Gransfor since 1902. High carbon steel goes into making these beautiful axes, with more emphasis on quality, durability, and finesse than speed.

One of their twelve smiths makes the axes and stamps the Gransfors logo and his initials on the axe on completing it. His initials declare that the axe has been made, and approved by him.

80% of the axes produced in the forge are exported to 30 countries, and each axe has a 20-year guarantee. Five different types of axes are manufactured here based on their use. They are forest axes, log building and carpentry tools, ancient axes, wood splitting axes and double bit axes. read the review of the quality axe from gransfors bruk Brands.They are the best axe maker ever.

Gransfors Bruk Small Forest axe

Product description

  • Large 2 pound head with long 19” handle
  • Fits into a rucksack
  • Comes with a vegetable-tanned leather sheath
  • Provides more chopping power
  • Gracefully curved Hickory handle

The Gransfors Small Forest Axe is not small as its handle is 19” long and axe head weighs 2 pounds.

It’s perfectly oriented grain Hickory handle is gracefully curved, and its chopping power makes it excellent for felling trees and limbing. The axe comes with a vegetable –tanned leather sheath and can fit into a rucksack.

This is a dual-purpose axe. It can be swung with two hands to fell small trees, and chop and split firewood and can also be used for shaving head and preparing kindling single-handedly.


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This is perfect for those with a small build like kids who can handle axes and women who have some axing to do. It also maximizes utility while minimizing quantity if you have a load to carry.

3. Estwing Quality Axe Brands

The Estwing family has been manufacturing axes and hand tools since 1923 in Rockford, 90 miles NE of Chicago. Their products are available through the United States, Canada and many countries around the world.

The Estwing family and their employees take pride in manufacturing durable, comfortable and attractive axes, tools and specialty tools built to the highest standards. The company has also introduced the new shock reduction grip in 2001.

The specialty of the grip is that it is not only durable and comfortable to hold, but also reduces vibrations caused by impact. And their engineers continuously work at creating revolutionary and long-lasting tools for the American market for today and tomorrow. find below a quick review of fireside friend axe made by Estwing Brands.

​​Estwing 14” Fireside Friend Axe

Product description

  • Made in the USA using finest American steel
  • Handle and head forged in single piece
  • Patented shock reduction leather grip reduces vibration by 70%
  • Includes ballistic nylon sheath
  • Ideal for chopping logs and firewood

The Estwing Fireside Friend is an axe where its 14” handle and hand polished head have been forged in a single piece.

The optimal balance and temper of the axe make chopping logs and firewood so much more comfortable.

Its patented leather shock reduction grip reduces vibrations by 70% while its nylon sheath provides for added safety and protection. 


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The axe head has a 2-3/8” cutting edge and is made using the finest American steel. This axe is not only the perfect choice for campers and outdoorsmen but is also your ideal fireside friend!

4. Husqvarna 

The Husqvarna Company started as a weapon manufacturer in 1689, and gradually produced everything from bicycles to sewing machines. After Electrolux acquired the company in 1978, Husqvarna became the largest manufacturer of chainsaws worldwide.

Husqvarna, however, became independent in 2006 after Electrolux distributed their shares and they continued producing tractors, gardening equipment, and chainsaws. Some products are sold in the US by Sears under ‘Craftsman’ name.

The company started selling axes only since the last decade or so and mainly bought heads from different manufacturers, added handles and sold them. The axe heads have the manufacturer’s stamp on them, mostly HB for Hults Bruk. It’s only recently that the company started producing high-quality axes with the Husqvarna crown stamp, and discontinued others. we reviewed here quality axe for multipurpose from Husqvarna.

Husqvarna 26″ Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe

Product description

  • Ergonomically designed curved Hickory handle
  • Swedish steel sharp axe head
  • Measures 26 inches in length
  • Ergonomically designed handle ensures minimal strain while in use

The Husqvarna wooden handle axe is considered to be one of the best wooden handled axes offering ultimate durability and performance.

Its 26” ergonomically designed Hickory handle leads to fewer backaches, effort, and strain while chopping wood.

Its Swedish steel axe head stays sharper than most axes while its leather sheath keeps the edge protected while in storage.


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The axe is so comfortable to use you can quickly chop wood with a single hand. This top-rated axe is perfect for the outdoors-man and camper, and basically, anyone who has lots of cutting to do, and want to do it with minimal effort and strain.

5. Helko Vario – Best Helko Vario Axe Review

The company Helko Werk was established in Cronenberg, Germany in 1844 by a Helsper family member. The company was known as Helsper Tool Factory for many years and grew famous for high-quality manufacturing of forestry tools, axes, and hatchets. They had started exporting their ware to Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa in the early 20th Century.

Mr. Kotthaus played an instrumental part in the running of the company at the start of the thirties which was when the establishment got named as Helko. The establishment has since then improved their products and their axes and tools are now known worldwide. Their product range has expanded with their TOMAHAWK, VARIO and LUCAS brands famous for their innovative ergonomic designs. Find below the Helko Vario – 2000 review which is best from the brand.

​​Helko Vario 2000

Product description

  • New generation axe-system
  • Six different blades and three differently sized handles
  • Easily replace handles in breakage
  • Different sized heads are used on the same handle

The Helko Vario 2000 is a new generation axe-system with mutually exchangeable blades and handles.

The system comprises of six different blades and three handle lengths which together cover most applications so that you always have the right tool for any particular task.

It’s curved and ergonomic design strikes a perfect balance to minimize strain and maximize power while hitting.


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The system works on a patented screw system for convenient interchanging of axe blades and handles.

The axe head is bolted directly into the axe handle. It’s possible to replace handles and heads in a few minutes with the help of a retainer cap and included Allen wrenches. This axe is perfect for those looking for a versatile camping axe that splits and chops wood respectably without any alignment issues.

Best Wood Axe Brands – Buyer Guide

Brand is an important factor when it comes to the product quality. In modern consumer society, people are more conscious about the brands.

In general, good brands have more customer satisfaction because of product quality. But how can you know which is the best brand for axe? Here are a few things you should look for while identifying a good axe maker.

  • The experience
  • Product quality
  • The reputation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product design for buyer’s needs
  • Product price


Now that you know about the best wood axe brands available, and the different types of axes they manufacture, you must find it so much easier selecting the best axe for your needs.

No matter if you need a chopping axe, a splitting hatchet, a bushcrafting axe, a carpenters axe or even an interchangeable axe; you have everything covered in the products manufactured by these famous wood axe brands. It is now left to you to make your choice based on your budget, the reason for buying the axe and of course, the features and specifications of the different axes.

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