Best Throwing Tomahawks & Axes in 2020

Are you disappointed with your axe throwing performance? Do you know that an inappropriate throwing tool can lead you to the wrong target?

Yes, you cannot reach the target until you know the key difference between a general purpose ax and a throwing hatchet, even after a hundred times of practice.Most marketers advertise that tomahawk and axe are interchangeable to make sales. Yes, they can be alternatives in some cases, but there is a key difference in their basic functions that you must know to be an expert thrower.

Here are our guide and review for you to help find the best throwing tomahawk along with important features.

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10 Best Throwing Tomahawks – Reviews

1. SOG Tactical Axe FastHawk

Top Features

  • Overall length 12.5-inch
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Weighs only 19 OZ
  • 2’’ stain-polished 420 stainless steel blade
  • Ideal for throwing, backpacking, and camping
  • Includes a ballistic nylon sheath

SOG  FastHawk tomahawk perfect is smaller size and lightweight. SOG is just what you are looking for. Measuring at only 12.5-inch, it weighs only 19 OZ.

It has a 2-inch stain-polished 420 stainless steel blade on which you can rely to bit your competitors in throwing. At the same time, it can be your survival weapon in the backcountry.This tactical tomahawk features a flat edge that can be used for hammering, often needed while going camping. 

Plus the piercing spike is more dangerous for your enemy when you are alone in the wilderness. The head is attached to the handle with the screw that I like most to be a throwing hatchet. This is because you can remove the head from the handle and keep them into your backpack.

Maybe you are thinking if you do so, the edge of the head may damage your rucksack. Don’t get worried because SOG offers you a ballistic nylon sheath to cover the edge, keeping safe both the edge and user.

2. SOG FastHawk F01TN-CP

Top Features

  • 15.75-inch stainless steel tactical axe
  • A versatile tomahawk hatchet
  • 2.75’’ stainless steel blade
  • 24 oz lightweight hatchet
  • Can be used with one hand
  • Suitable for backpacking, camping, and throwing

I have come up again with SOG’s tomahawk because its tools are built to last longer. SOG is committed to offering you the best quality product, especially offensive tools. However, this particular model is too versatile that you can use it for throwing, camping, and backpacking.The tactical hatchet has a piercing spike on the opposite end that is why it looks like just an ancient weapon that would be used by the tribe in the warfare. The two eyes on the head let the air pass throw while flying towards your target.

The manufacturer crafted it from 420 hardcased black finish stainless steel to maximize the durability and corrosion resistance. What I must appreciate about this tomahawk is its eye-catchy black finish, even you cannot distinguish the glass reinforced nylon handle from the steelhead. I think this is the reason that the military prefers this kind of arsenal.

3. Viking Throwing Tomahawk

Top Features

  • Most suitable for throwing 
  • Hand forged head
  • Hickory handle
  • 1.6 lbs total weight
  • Overall length 19-inch
  • 3.75 inch blade width

If you are a serious thrower and ready to win next throwing competition then you have no other options than this best throwing competition tomahawk. You may ask what makes it special to beat other competitors.

The answer: this unique item is hand-forged by an authentic and traditional blacksmith who forged one by one carefully. The handle, which is made from straight grain American hickory wood, is attached to the head without the screw, not causing it to break even many times practice.

There is a precise balance between 19-inch length and 1.6 pounds that gives you unbeatable control, added durability, and maximum performance. With the 3.75-inch perfect blade, we can impress your friends and competitors in the battlefield that you are yet to experience.

As wooden handles tend to be damaged, you may need spare handle or sheath. These can be found easily online. 

4. SOG Outdoor Survival Hatchet

Top Features

  • 12.1-inch total length
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Weighs only 19.5 ounce
  • 3-inch hardcased black stainless blade
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle
  • Includes a firestarter

Maybe you are looking for a tool which is smaller and lighter but yet durable to perform multitasks. If yes, SOG Outdoor Survival Hatchet is your choice. This tomahawk does everything that an outdoor tool should do.

For example, a survivalist must require fire to survive in the wilderness. SOG provides a firestarter to keep the fire at your fingertips, not requiring you to find a stick to start the stove or fireplace.

Besides, portability is an important consideration when going camping. The lighter and smaller the camping tool, the easier it is to carry with you. This survival hawk weighs only 19.5 ounce and measures 12.1-inch, easily packable into the backpack. Moreover, the stainless steel construction resists wear and corrosion. Since it is a full tang version, the question doesn’t arise about its durability. The dependable reinforced glass nylon handle is wrapped with paracord to ensure a secure and comfortable grip.

5. Cold Steel 90RH Throwing Axe

Top Features

  • Drop forged 1055 carbon steel head
  • American hickory handle
  • Overall length 22 inches
  • Blade length 3.5-inch
  • Has a hammered edge

This superb tomahawk is 22-inch long what may sound awkward for throwing. But it works beyond your thought. Just a give try, you must succeed with the first throw if you are an expert thrower. But for beginners, it may take a few more tries.

Do you know the reason why you are going to hit the target with Rifleman’s hawk? Because it has a relatively larger sticking surface, around 3.5-inch.If you are also intending to use this hawk for many other jobs rather than going with throwing, it works efficiently too. 

Particularly the hammering edge works great for some serious camping jobs like pounding nails and pitching sticks. To be a good weapon, the head requires to be made from strong materials. This dependable axe is made from drop forged 1055 carbon steel which is heat treated indifference stage of processing.And it is needless to say that drop forging is the strongest method for any impact arsenal. It has a hickory handle which is always preferable to any throwers because it gives you a room to replace with no difficulties.

6. SOG Throwing Hawks

Top Features

  • 10.75 inches long throwing tomahawk
  • Full tang construction
  • Total weight 18.6 ounce
  • Specially designed for throwing
  • Comes with removable paracord handle for preferred grip

Unlike most of the other tomahawks from SOG, this one is specially designed for throwing. It is crafted in full tang stainless steel that makes it a perfect throwing weapon. A full tang axe is more likely to be sticky then partial one. Plus its fine weight balance is standard for throwing. A beginner would be highly satisfied with its sticking tendency into the target.Although two round holes in the blade look gorgeous as the part of the design, they play an important role in determining the weight balance.

While flying the hawk towards the target, they let the air pass through, helping the ax reach its destination.When aiming to the target, you must release the handle with natural movement.

To make your grip comfort and natural, SOG wrapped the fiberglass handle with paracord. You can remove this cord for your own convenience. The spiking end is very dangerous for your enemy. When you are in the wilderness, it is your best survival companion.

7. CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

Top Features

  • Hot forged 1055 carbon steel head
  • Tennessee hickory handle
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Can be used as a self-defensive tactical hatchet
  • Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical

Designed by Ryan Johnson, a specialist in applying modern engineering to centuries-old tool and weapon concepts, this traditional style ax is well suited when you need something for multipurpose uses. Nobo made the axe using a solid chunk of 1055 carbon steel which is hot forged into a rock solid head.

The head features a hammer finish with an ultra-sharp edge that can cut through wood like a beaver.

The handle is made from Tennessee hickory wood that is thick and well grained. It feels comfortable when in hand and is finished with lacquer coat for added durability. You have to hold the handle with both hands, giving you more energy to split even hardwood.It measures around 19 inches, and the blade length is just under 3.5-inch. The perfect balance of Nobo doesn’t tire your arms while swinging. It has primary and secondary edge bevels to execute well against knotty woods.

best throwing tomahawks – buyer guide

best throwing tomahawks - buyer guide

Axe VS Tomahawk


A tomahawk is a special type of axe which is designed as a weapon. Unlike traditional axe, a throwing tool works as an offensive weapon to kill human and animal. In modern time, the tomahawk is the source of fun since it is used as a throwing tool in throwing games. Compared to regular type, an axe for throwing is lighter and smaller in size, making it perfect for throwing. It also works as like as a general purpose axe does. Thanks to its versatility, it is , nowadays, also used by the military.

Head and Handle

Both tomahawk and axe mostly come with carbon steel head, and sometimes they have a stainless steel head. But they differ in design. While the head of a traditional axe tends to be larger and with a thick edge suitable for splitting, a best throwing axe head is smaller and thin to stick into the target easily. Most of the times, tomahawks are seen to have the handle from the same material, and head and handle are forged into one piece as opposed to general axes. Sometimes, head and handle of throwing hatchet are attached with screws to make them movable that usually doesn’t happen with the common ax.


To be honest, the main difference between a traditional axe and a throwing tomahawk is in the length. Throwing hatchets are smaller than their common counterpart. The overall length of tomahawk varies based on the thrower. It can be somewhere between 12-22 inch depending upon the height of the user but generally no more than 22-inch. The taller you are, the longer handle you should choose. However, handle length of a conventional axe often exceeds the tomahawk. It can be up to 36 inches. 


In general, tomahawks are lighter than axes, one to two pounds to be specific. As the primary purpose of such weapon is throwing, they are built with lightweight. Unlike common axes which have a more weighted head for heavy works, offensive axes have the less weighted head. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use them for cutting, chopping or splitting. You will just not get the same efficiency as traditional ones.


Best Throwing Tomahawks Tang

When it comes to choosing the best throwing hatchet, the term ‘tang’ becomes an important factor. Let me clear the fact. Tang is the junction where the head and handle are joined. Now, what indicates a full tang or partial tang? Well, a full tang is where the head and shaft are attached from the same piece of material and it extends the full length into the grip portion of the handle that, on the other hand, a half or partial tang doesn’t.Full tang, of course, outstands its durability from partial tang what is why full tang is generally recommended for the tools used for throwing. Partial is great as cutting tools such as hiking, camping, slicing and so on. It is better to choose one having screws for joining both the shaft and head so that the handle doesn’t come loose when flying toward the target.

Final Verdict

A good quality throwing tomahawk will improve your accuracy and performance. Whether you are a veteran or beginner, you must need the best one. Although finding the best throwing tomahawks for the competition is somewhat overwhelming, it becomes easier if you take a look only at thrower supplies. You can also find one easily from our reviewed items.

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