Best Tactical Tomahawks & Axes Reviews in 2020

Thinking about buying a tool that can convert all the operations into one? Maybe cannot think what that tool might be? Right? This is nothing but a best tactical tomahawks you are thinking about. What a smart thought! The days are gone when people would buy separate traditional tools for separate functions.A tomahawk is a very versatile that lets you do whatever your needs are. It can be used as a weapon, self-defensive arsenal, breaching equipment, cutting tool, throwing tool, hammering edge, prying and so on. That means you can do all with one. But finding the right tactical tomahawks is somewhat tricky for crowded models on the market. We narrowed down hundreds of options into top ten for you.

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7 Best Tactical Tomahawks – Reviews

1. M48 Tactical Axe 

Top Features

  • Overall length 15-inch
  • Blade length 8-inch
  • Stainless steel blade construction
  • The handle made from 30-percent fiberglass reinforced nylon handle
  • The sheath has an easy-open snap button closure

Let’s start with one of the best tactical hatchets made by The United Cutlery. It has all the advanced features a technical axe should own. The M48 Hawk Axe is the lighter weight that makes it a must-have tool for survivalists, hunters, throwers, explorers, and law enforcement officers. You can carry it all-day-long without added pain and fatigue.M48 model is designed with a head made from anodized AUS-6 stainless steel and a handle made from 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon. The head offers a lot of tactical functions.

Firstly, it has a second edge, creating an added advantage for cutting and hooking attack. In addition to this, the primary wide edge can cut through tough materials. Besides, the head and spike jointly work as a personal defense and breaching tools.The corrosion resistant head is attached to handle with 3 steel bolts so that it doesn’t fly out of your hand while throwing. Feel like anything missing? Right, the hawk includes a nylon sheath to cover the head, which has a snap button closure to attach it to your belt loop.

2. sog fasthawk tactical tomahawk

Top Features

  • Overall length 12.5-inch
  • Total weight 19 ounces
  • 2-inch stainless steel blade
  • A versatile tactical axe
  • Glass reinforces handle

Sog Fasthawk is a superb tactical hatchet that does more than you anticipate. I would say SOG Throwing Tomahawk Axe is your best asset because it can be used for chopping, backpacking, camping, throwing, breaching, survival and defensive tool. The tough 420 stainless steel built of the axe encourages you to rely on it when you are in wilderness or backcountry. It weighs only 16 ounces that means to you that you need not hard work for swing and throwing.

The feature that makes it tactical is its large spike edge on the back which performs all special operations. You can intimidate any pierce animals with it. Not only this, the long spike can breach door and windows on emergency evacuation. It can be used as a hooking tool too.There are 2 rounded holes on the cheek of the blade. These embodied holes pass air through while flying to help the ax reach the target. They also play an important role in keeping the standard balance, reducing weight. The reinforced materials handle is attached to the head with 2 bolts to ensure that it will never come in loose from the head.

3. cRTK woods chogan tomahawk axe

Top Features

  • 1055 hot forged carbon steel head
  • Tennessee hickory handle
  • Overall length 19.13-inch
  • Blade length 4.21-inch
  • Head features a hammering edge
  • Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ tactical

CRKT is designed by Ryan Johnson, a famous axe designer who have around 25-years experience of making tomahawks. He brought this special design from tactical tomahawk to make your life much easier. The head is crafted from a solid chunk of 1055 carbon steel. This steel is hot forged for added strength and durability to put the power into your hand.

As CRKT wood chogan hatchet committed to making your survival adventures easy, the designer formed the head with a hammered edge on the other end to allow you to do some heavy survival and camping duties.

This useful hammering can be used for pounding nails and stakes, shaping metals, and sticking sticks into the ground. The blade has primary and secondary bevel edges which cut through wood just like a beaver.Probably you know tennessee hickory wood is well known to all for its long-lasting durability with comfort. The handle on the Chogan is a straight grain piece of hickory wood which is seal coated with a lacquer finish for further stability and longevity. This treatment feels it more flexible when in hands.

4. cRTK kangee tomahawk

Top Features

  • 13.75-inch overall length
  • 3 inches wide cutting edge
  • 7’’ black powder coated steel head
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle
  • Full tang for additional strength

This particular model is also from CRKT. When you have CRKT Kangee Tomahawk in your hand, you have all the power needed to win adventures. This handy tool is designed by Ryan Johnson who is well known in the world for designing tactical tomahawk, axe, and hatchet.

Johnson designed it with a unique head crafted from SK5 carbon steel with an aggressive spike on the other end. No matter how dangerous the situation you are in, the spike head is enough to solve all the problems.

The blade has tapered cutting edges for chopping and splitting efficiently and does more than a tactical hawk should do with its primary and secondary edges.While the primary edge is ready to cut throw anything you throw at, the secondary edge performs all survival and camping duties. The designer shaped the head with a small beard to act as a hooking device. Just hold this t-hawk and dispatch all the obstacles on the path of your long hiking.To make this t-hawk more robust and sturdy, the manufacturer used reinforced composite materials in the handle. But it makes no sense how powerful your tool is if it feels no comfort when in use.The handle comes with a curved shape and has a checkered surface in the full length to ensure a secure and comfortable grip. And the full tang construction guarantees the handle not to break easily.

5. sog f01TN-cP

Top Features

  • 15.75-inch compact tactical axe
  • 24 ounces lightweight hand hatchet
  • 2.75 inches stainless steel blade
  • Features a hammering edge
  • Has a piercing spike

Like Fiskars is the top in the axe world as SOG in the tomahawk world. When it comes to SOG’s tactical tools, you are assured to have the quality one. Founded in 1986, it has more than 30 years experience in producing quality tools with highest customer satisfaction. SOG created this ax to do everything beyond your requirements.Crafted with stainless steel with hard cased black finish, the tactical ax provides you all the power to explode on every swing.

The corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel head is designed for multi-use. You can rely on this compact axe in any situations. The 2.5-inch ultra-sharp blade cuts in more depth when swinging. The piercing edge not only keeps all your enemies away from you, it is very useful for breaching, excavating, obstacle removal, and other emergency operations. When going camping and backpacking, the hammer edge helps you get all your survival works done.Unlike best traditional axes, the head of this versatile hawk is mounted on glass reinforced nylon handle with heavy-duty steel bolts for additional reinforcement. SOG offers you a belt loop nylon sheath to carry it with you easily.

6. cold steel trench hawk review

Top Features

  • The overall length of 19-inch
  • 24-ounce weight
  • 3.5- inch cutting edge
  • Drop forged 5150 carbon steel construction
  • Polypropylene handle

Where no other axes or hatchets are able to work due to confined space, Cold Steel 90PTH Trench Hawk solves the problem with no difficulties. It is the perfect weapon for the eyeball to eyeball combat in the narrower place like an alley and narrow hallway. The head of Trench Hawk is made from 5150 carbon steel which is drop forged in different stages of the processing. Because of forging process, the head becomes harder and can withstand extreme blows and high stress of repeated throwing.

The 3.5 cutting edge and spike head provide few more options as an ideal tactical hawk. They can be used for hooking, trapping, and blocking upcoming attacks. It is highly recommended for self-defensive and military use.I love most the handle because of two important things. Firstly, the polypropylene handle is highly shock and impact resistance, allowing you to work through even tough materials. Secondly, if it eventually breaks, as any handle can and will break at a certain age, it is easily and cheaply replaceable.

7. Gerber Downrange hatchet

Top Features

  • Unique Gerber axe head
  • 420 HC steel body construction
  • Features a hammerhead and pry bar
  • Overall length 19.27
  • Built in Portland, Oregon

If you don’t want to waste your time thinking how to fix the problem, Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is the right tool for the job. No matter what else on the other side of the door because you have Downrange designed for tactical breaching.This particular unit is specially formed by Gerber for solving serious problems. There is no claim over the service this hawk provides thanks to the three-tiered approach to tactical functions.

The axe features a beveled edge capable of chopping through drywall and doors to splinters. The hammer on the backside of the hatchet works for getting through locks, hinges, and doorknobs and so on. There is a hefty pry bar on the top of the handle, opposite to the blade end, which can be used as a lever for removing nails and breaking apart two objects. I think this kind of bars are very essential for survival works and emergency evacuation. The 420 HC steel body is cerakote finished to enhance the abrasion resistance, impact strength and hardness.It doesn’t matter what the condition is, the handle has integrated scales to grip the axe firmly with hands. Go wherever you want with this survival hatchet because it has a MOLLE compatible sheath which is readily attachable to your backpack.

How to choose the best tactical tomahawks in 2019

How to choose the best tactical tomahawks in 2019

A quality tactical axe shows few distinct aspects that enable you to distinguish it from traditional axes. It offers plenty of functions depending upon the situations.

Knowing what styles suit the which situations best is very important to get the optimum performance. This article will let you know how to choose the best tactical axe, based on different tactical situations and considering the structural design of a good tactical tomahawk.

Let’s begin with the handle and its length

As tactical hawks are designed for special operations like emergency and survival situations, their handles should be stronger and more sturdy than the traditional wooden one.

That is why manufacturers tend to use steel as handle materials as is head. But nowadays some modern materials are also used for making handles. Among them, reinforced materials are the most durable that can withstand heavy works. There are some plastic handles made from polymer you will find in on the markets. They are also sturdy and secure but prone to be degraded. The handle length ranges in between 8 to 20 inches. How long a tactical tomahawk should depend on your needs. Many people think the longer the handle, the greater the leverage it provides. Yes, it’s true but not always. Determining the length depends on two important things. First is intended use and the second height of the user. If you are planning to use this tool for splitting and chopping wood, breaching doors, windows, and locks, and prying, a long handle is recommended. I mean as much longer as you can control with comfort. A shorter handle, on the other hand, is great for backpacking, camping, long hiking, self-defense, and throwing. 

The Head Style

Modern tomahawks come with different head design. Some have the flat poll, some are rounded on the back in traditional style. A few offer spike pierce instead of rounded and flat butt. However, which one you should go with again depends on what situation you are going to face. Now let me tell you what style works great for which purpose.A conventional rounded style head has no special usage. These styled heads are seen in large tools used for a specific function such as splitting, felling down, and chopping trees.Hammer styled heads are designed for many functionalities. They can act as hammering, pounding, and breaching tools. These kinds would be great tools for camping  and outdoor survival.Lastly, modern tactical axes provide a spike head on the backside which allows you to solve some specific problems. You can use this for piercing, prying bird and animals, intimidating enemies, and self-defensive. A spike head is very useful when you are in need of making holes.

The cutting edge

Usually, a wide cutting edge is better for it cuts more with every swing. And it’s easier to split. Chop, and fell down trees with the long edge. But it requires a large head and a handle to make a perfect balance. As tactical axes require to be compact and portable, they mostly possess a narrow edge. This also helps you perform some emergency operations when no big space to operate a large tool. Some latest models have an extra cutting edge in the spine. If you need a wide cutting edge, you can choose one of them.

The beard

Having a beard in your tactical or survival axe is very helpful. As a tactical tool is where no other tools can solve the problem, it should have a beard. A beard creates more options for emergency and survival situations. It works as a hooking device. The Head MaterialsWhat the head is made from is an important consideration while finding the best tactical axe for the money. You must check the head materials before final decision because this is the thing affecting the durability and quality of the tool. The materials should be something that will not break down, shatter off, and bend easily.Can you ideate what that materials might be? Yes, it is either forged carbon steel or stainless steel. There is also another type called SK5. Forged steels, of course, have a finer grain structure and higher strength than non-forged ones. It is better choosing one hand forged by expert blacksmith because hand forged is done more carefully one by one.

The Weight

Best Tactical Tomahawks The Weight

Take the head weight into consideration to ensure optimum utilization of your tool. Heavy heads are optimized for cutting through hard materials. They consume more energy but can cut deeper on every swing. That means they are better for chopping big trees and splitting hardwood.When it comes to the tactical tool, it should not be too heavy to maneuver. Rather it should be heavy enough to cut anything and light enough to control when used as a self-defensive and throwing tool. Besides, there should have a good balance between the handle length and head weight. A well balanced hawk will not tire you too early.

The Tang

In my opinion, the tang is the most essential factor, especially for tactical, survival and throwing axe. It is the junction between the head and the handle. There are mainly two types of tang, one full tang and another half or partial tang.A full tang is a point where the head and handle are connected from one-piece material, and it exceeds through the full length of the grip whereas a partial tang is on the opposite. A full tanged tool is more dependable and reliable than a partial one. You have no fear of loosening the handle from the head with a full tang hawk.


In a nutshell, all you need to take a look at the versatility to find the best tactical tomahawks for the money. Because the more the versatile your tool is, the more options it offers you to solve the problem in every situation. But don’t forget to consider the materials and design too. If you think you have not enough time to do some research and read articles thoroughly, you can count on our reviews to have the quality one.

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