The Best Wood Splitting Mauls in 2022 – Reviews (Comparison Included)

No matter how much hard the wood you are going to split is if you have a splitting maul on your hand. Since mauls are heavier than axes with a wider head, they make splitting much easier and faster with no wood wastage.

On the other hand, using an axe instead of a maul can cause an accident, let alone enjoy splitting for the fireplace. That’s the reason you should better go with a maul to prevent injury as well as enjoy your fireplace.

As chopping mauls, however, are available in different sizes, weights, and shapes, only the best splitting mauls that let you split wood using minimum time, energy and effort.

Splitting Mauls Comparison Chart



Length Brand Price

Fiskars Iso Core Maul





Husqvarna 32″ Wooden





Estwing EFF4SE 14”

7 Ounce




Mintcraft PRO 34004





Spear & Jackson



Spear & jackson


 Truper 32415





Gransfors Bruks



Gransfors bruks


The 7 Best Splitting Mauls

There are a few attributes to keep in mind while choosing the quality maul. The main point is that maul’s head shouldn’t be too heavy; it should be easy for you to manage to provide maximum momentum when in use.

Its handle should be long enough to provide maximum mechanical leverage while its bit should easily split the wood along its grain as maximum energy is transferred to it once you hit it. these attributes help maximize the amount of energy in your swing with your minimal efforts so that there’s enough power to split the wood when you hit it.

1. fiskars isocore 8 lb maul

The fiskars isocore maul comes from the reputed Fiskars company of Finland. It weighs 8 pounds is perfect to use for splitting wood and for driving stakes and wedges.

Its concave-shaped superior steel head easily penetrates and even blasts the toughest logs apart with each swing made.

With its riveted head, there’s no worry of it sliding or snapping off when in use too.

Fiskars Splitting Maul

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There’s no worry about any shock strike and vibration with each swing you make as its patented IsoCore Shock Control System absorbs the impact before it moves up your arm. It thus reduces muscle fatigue and joint pain while the double layer on its handle absorbs any remnant vibrations.

The IsoCore Maul’s handle is designed to give you a secure and firm grip and added security while using it. Besides, the handle’s texture not only improves your grip but also reduces the chances of blisters forming. This wood chopping maul is designed for maximum durability and is robust enough to withstand even the toughest work conditions.


  • ​Blade helps with splitting wood while head side drives wedges and stakesBlade helps with splitting wood while head side drives wedges and stakes
  • ​Optimized shape provides for improved penetration to cut even sturdy logs apartOptimized shape provides for improved penetration to cut even sturdy logs apart
  • ​IsoCore Shock system absorbs shock and vibrations to reduce the impact on your body by transferring twice less shock and vibration IsoCore Shock system absorbs shock and vibrations to reduce the impact on your body by transferring twice less shock and vibration
  • ​High performance textured handle reduces slippage for maximum control and power while swingingHigh performance textured handle reduces slippage for maximum control and power while swinging
  • ​It’s insulation sleeve absorbs and prevents the initial strike shock from reaching your handIt’s insulation sleeve absorbs and prevents the initial strike shock from reaching your hand


  • ​There’s the possibility of the head splitting into two
  • ​The plastic protective collar located under the head may crack at times
  • ​At 36”, the maul may be just too long for some people
  • ​The handle may break with missed strikes

2. Husqvarna Splitting Maul

The Husqvarna 32”  is a  maul produced by the Swedish company. Their mauls are made using high-quality Swedish axe steel which if maintained well, can last a long time. It’s just what you need to make cutting firewood so much easier for your fireplace.

In fact, this 7.2 pound splitting hatchet is designed to split wood with its mundane cutting wedge on one side while the solid hammer face on its other side is perfect for splitting wedges.

Husqvarna Splitting maul

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At 30-31 inches, its hardwood handle is rather short when compared to other mauls. Though the handle has a wavy grain, its ergonomic design compensates for this by providing a better hold when in use.

As it’s hickory handle is unfinished, applying linseed oil or varnish to it provides for weather protection. The maul should not be stored in too warm conditions as there is a chance of the handle shrinking. Grease the maul to prevent rust if you do not plan to use it for some time and clean and dry the maul before covering it with its leather edge cover.


  • Well built, and is comparable to Gransfors Bruks maulsBlade helps with splitting wood while head side drives wedges and stakes
  • Its hardwood handle is ergonomically designedOptimized shape provides for improved penetration to cut even sturdy logs apart
  • Permanent leather sheath for added protectionHigh performance textured handle reduces slippage for maximum control and power while swinging
  • ​Though short, it’s handle offers improved accuracy
  • ​Head is attached to handle with a wooden and steel wedge


  • ​The maul head is not as well-sharpened as it should be
  • Though it splits wood, it lacks in sharpness and finesse
  • Leather sheath only covers the blade and not the entire maul.
  • Tall people may find the short handle inconvenient to use

3. estwing splitting maul – Best for the money

The Estwing EFF4SE has its beautiful American steel head and handle forged in a single piece and has an attractive UV coating.

It is no doubt true to its name Fireside Friend and a tool every fireplace owner should have! It lets you chop wood along its grain and reduces the splitting force and impact to reduce muscle fatigue.

estwing splitting maul

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This is also a favorite tool with outdoors men and campers the world over, as it is not only perfect to use for splitting wood for building fires but is also pretty helpful while setting up camp where required!

It comes with a genuine sanded and lacquered shock reduction leather grip that is not only durable and comfortable to hold but also provides leverage and power while splitting wood. With your safety and protection in mind, this maul comes with a ballistic nylon sheath to keep it covered when not in use.

The Estwing maul has a tempered 2-3/8” cutting edge that is beautifully polished and sharpened by hand and offers optimal balance and temper. Besides, its leather grip also boasts of reducing the effects and shock impact while striking wood


  • ​It’s cutting edge is hand polished and sharpenedBlade helps with splitting wood while head side drives wedges and stakes
  • ​Comes with a genuine leather shock-reduction grip which reduces shock impact by 70%Optimized shape provides for improved penetration to cut even sturdy logs apart
  • Its rugged ballistic nylon sheath keeps the maul covered when not in useIsoCore Shock system absorbs shock and vibrations to reduce the impact on your body by transferring twice less shock and vibration
  • ​The head and handle are painted and forged into a single piece
  • Splitting maul for campers, outdoors-men and for keeping the fireplace burning


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • ​Leather sheath only covers the blade and not the entire mauls

4. Mintcraft PRO 34004

Need a durable and sharp maul for all your wood splitting work? Then the Mexican Mintcraft PRO 34004 may be just what you are looking for. Simple in design, weighing 4.5 pounds, and measuring 3.8 x 8.5 x 34 inches, this is an elegant, high-quality  maul you can carry on camping trips for campfire wood.

It comes with a sharpened edge that gives superior wood splitting results.

Mincraft Pro splitting maul

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It has additional wedging on its sides, and its unique V-shaped poll edge is so sharp that you won’t need to sharpen it for some time even if after a few days of use. The Mintcraft PRO axe is so sturdy and durable; you can use it to split anything that’s wood, even the hardest woods.

While it gives great splits on small circumference wood, you will need to put in a few more swings if you have to split larger-circumference wood. The handle is made of double injection fiberglass but does not have any fancy shock absorbing technology’. However, it does have a rubber grip strip which gives you a firm grip while swinging and splitting wood, along with over-strike protection.


  • Delivers optimal wood splitting performance.
  • Cutting is made easy with its sharpened edge.
  • Both durable and robust in function.
  • Simple but unique V-shaped wing design.
  • Handle made of double infection, fiberglass.
  • Quality maul for splitting wood and for taking along on camping trips.
  • High-quality steel blade.
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds and lightweight in function.


  • May not give good results if used for breaking stubborn wood pieces
  • Edge may flatten quickly if not sharpened well
  • Not as heavy as other mauls
  • The rubber collar around its handle is not long-lasting
  • Better for use on small, easy splitting jobs.

5. Spear & Jackson 3765LM

The Spear and Jackson 3765LM  is a relatively new entrant in the market. However, it is from Spear and Jackson’s, a multi-national company that has centuries of experience in producing both garden and woodworking tools.

This splitting hatchet is rather lightweight at 6.5 pounds and was manufactured based on the internationally recognized German Institute for Standardization (DIN) standards for quality assurance, safety, and technology.

The maul comes with a drop forged carbon head that has been hardened and tempered for added durability and strength.

​Spear & Jackson splitting maul

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In addition to this, the blade has the added feature of a hooked end, which in turn facilitates in doing more wood cutting and splitting work. Besides, it also has a hickory handle gives you the added strength you require while splitting wood.

Like their other products produced by their company, the Spear and Jackson 3765M maul conforms to the high-quality standard and guarantees against any manufacturing defects. With its affordable price, this is indeed a tool for any outdoors person or camper to buy.


  • Manufactured as per the internationally recognized (DIN) standards
  • Well made drop forged carbon head that is hardened and tempered for durability
  • Comes with a high-quality hickory shaft which provides for added strength while splitting wood
  • Its hooked end blade is an added benefit for woodwork
  • Lightweight, it is easier to control than the other heavier mauls
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds and lightweight in function.


  • It would have been better if the maul was a bit heavier at about 7 and pounds to use on knotty wood
  • Head is rather loose and tends to fall off
  • The head is cheaply secured to the handle
  • Has an average quality handle
  • Edge of the head needs re-profiling and sharpening

6. Truper 32415 – Heavy Weight Maul

The Truper 32415  from the largest Mexican company in the field, Truper, and is considered by many to be the ideal companion for any wood chopping and splitting task. It is red in color which in turn adds more sophistication to its looks.

It weighs 12 pounds and has a 27-inch steel-head and handle while the handle has rubber guarding protects the maul if you over-strike while chopping wood.

Truper splitting maul

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Though handle length and head weight of the mauls are to be considered based on personal preferences, a long handle does give better splitting force. However, this is only if you can control it well. If not, you face the risk of getting thrown off balance when you carry it overhead!

However, as this is a heaviest splitting maul that is heavier than the average maul, if you can control it, all it takes is a single whack to split your log into pieces. This means that there is no need of using any huge hard down swings to chop your wood. And in case you find it difficult splitting the wood clean because of knots, the wedge quickly loosens and can be pulled out for another whack.


  • Weighs 12 pounds to give solid blows while splitting wood
  • Has a 27-inch handle which can throw short people off balance while splitting wood
  • Head and handle made of steel
  • Wedge quickly loosens out if it gets stuck in wood
  • Has a tight grip which gives a firm grip when in use


  • Cannot be used for striking wedges
  • Some find the handle to be too short

7. gransfors bruks splitting maul review

If you have to split very thick and chunky wood, the Gransfors Bruk maul is a better tool to use for the task. This is comes from a company that has a century’s of experience in manufacturing hand forged axes and mauls. In fact, they are so proud of their craftsmanship that each maul even has the identity of the person who had made it.

It’s designed to cut quickly and effortlessly into the wood on contact and splits it as the thin, concave head’s broader section pushes the wood apart.

Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul

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Its blade is made of high-quality steel which will serve you for years to come if maintained well.

Weighing at 5 pounds, the maul’s head with beveled corners makes it perfect to use for striking wedges. You find a protective steel cover below the axe head that protects the handle from over-strikes and possible damage if the head splits along ragged edges. Like any other tool, storing the log splitting maul in dry conditions after wiping prolongs its life.

The wood splitting maul is altogether 80cm or 31.5” long, and weighs 3.2 kg or 7 pounds and is to date the most massive handmade Swedish maul by Gransfors Bruk. There are wavy grains on the handle, which along with its ergonomic design provide for a better and extra firm grip while using it.


  • Head aims and quickly strike wedges
  • At 7 pounds or 3.2kg, this is the heaviest handmade maul by Gransfor Bruk
  • It’s 5 lb head gives you the extra force to work for hours without feeling tired
  • Comes with a long and comfortable to hold handle
  • Ergonomically designed handle with wavy grains


  • The head may fall off in some cases
  • The handle may split below the metal jacket with extensive use

Choosing the Best splitting mauls and What to look for?

As the right splitting maul use both the functions of a maul and an axe and come in various designs and different materials, different models cater to different people and their needs. Besides, mauls are used for cutting wood or for pounding in fence posts or driving wedges. You have to choose your maul depending on how you want to use them as not all splitting mauls offer multiple uses.

Some are meant solely for splitting wood. You can choose the wood splitting mauls for yourself when you know how you plan to use it, and if you can easily lift and swing it with minimal effort. There are also different factors like head, handle and balance, its performance and how it stresses your body that has to be taken into consideration while looking for the quality maul yourself:

what is wood splitting maul ?

Wood splitting mauls are axes that are specially designed to split wood, and are blunt and fat in structure. It divides wood pieces into two by forcing the wood fibers apart to the grain. While it’s dull edge creates a crack between fibers, its V-shaped head uses continuous pressure to force the gap open.

Axes are used for cutting across wood fibers as it’s sharp bit slices wood and it’s thin blade deeply cuts across the fibers. You then use the axe head’s eye to separate the wood to get your wood chip. You use axes only for chopping wood, and NOT for splitting wood.

Whom Is The Splitting Maul Made Or Designed For?

Chopping mauls are best for people who have to regularly split wood to use in their fireplace. It’s especially the outdoor people who look for a good splitting maul as they don’t consider splitting wood and arduous task.

On the contrary, they consider it an opportunity to spend quality time outdoors building muscle as they know that they eventually have a nice stack of wood ready for the stove. There are also some people who look for and use splitting mauls as it helps them unwind and creates a satisfaction of completion and progress in life.

How Heavy Is A Maul?

The weight is an important aspect of the splitting hatchet as you need to decide based on how you plan to use it and how long you will be able to use it before complaining of muscle fatigue.

In other words, it has to be thick enough to give a substantial impact while splitting wood and also be light enough for you to easily give twenty to thirty swings at a go before feeling tired. These are not heavy duty machine tools. Usually,top rated mauls weigh in between 4 lbs to 12 lbs. Though it may look that this is not much of a difference in weight, it’s only after making a few swings that you realize how much of an effect the 8lb pound difference makes!

While lighter mauls are naturally easier to turn around, it’s the heavier ones that give more and better-driving force to split wood. However, if you look at things theoretically, it’s proven that velocity is a more important factor to consider than weight while cutting wood. So eventually it is a lighter and not heavier maul that makes the top rated splitting maul.

Then again, you have to finalize its weight based on the type of wood you will be cutting with it and of course, your size, and physical strength and of course, age. Senior people find it more comfortable to carry and use a lighter maul.


With the maul consisting of only two parts, it’s quite obvious that each of them complements the other in function and importance. One of these parts is the handle which is made either traditionally using wood or using fiberglass in the more modern versions. There are also a few brands with handles made using other composite materials.

If you compare fiberglass and wooden handles, the fiberglass ones are a favorite with customers as it gives a better grip even if wet. It also sustains better to the external weather conditions and is more forgiving if you accidentally overstrike while swinging.

Besides, fiberglass handles are better on the wrists as they have with anti-shock and other scientific ergonomics. This feature lets you use your splitting tools for a longer period as you don’t feel the burn too much while swinging and splitting wood. Despite these many advantages, and the fact that wooden handles are more likely to break during an overstrike, many people still like mauls with wooden handles for its look and more comfortable use.

You have to choose your handle not only based on its material but also based on its length as the handle’s primary function lies in directing the wedge to the ground after swinging it. This is possible only if the handle is long enough, which you can determine by measuring it against your arm length.

The handle should preferably be longer than your arm’s length as it provides for better leveling and swing. Besides, longer handles also let you maul deeper into the wood even in the first swing and split.

​One thing is sure upon looking at all these features; you need to choose your handle based on the length and material which in turn depends on your personal preference. Don’t make your choice based only on famous ratings as if you have lots of wood to split, an unpopular but stronger, fiberglass handle is better than a maul with a handle that’s longer than your arm’s length.

The Head

The second important part of the maul is the head, which should preferably be broad and wedge-shaped. Most mauls, however, have blunt heads with not so sharp edges.

These edges protect the maul from damage while penetrating the wood or other surfaces. It is also usually round in shape with a wide, rear part for hammering and splitting the wood into two separate parts after making the initial strike.

Another factor to consider while choosing your maul’s head is its weight, which is directly proportional to the amount of force you will make on the wood. However, there is a contradiction to this point.

If based on this factor, you choose a heavier head to get more force to hit the wood; there is a chance of your easily getting tired while swinging that extra weight. Besides, it’s not necessary that only more massive heads give a better striking force. Even the lighter heads if rotated repeatedly and with great force can inflict an even bigger striking effect than heavier heads.

As you split wood through the grain, the splitting hatchet is one with a broad and wedge-shaped head as it easily splits the log into two along the grain. Besides, the wider logs are better cut or split using mauls with a larger blade.

You also have to choose your  splitting maul based on its handle’s mounting to its head. It should be through a durable socket and not one that has some flaws as it’s better staying away from such mauls. It’s but natural that you also have to check the  maul’s construction quality as you have to buy one with a high-quality build which will last for years to come.

The Blade Shape

Not only are the maul’s head and handle made of different materials and durability, even it’s blade shape differs in various brands. The traditional blade is a thin one that tapers from the shift to the head while there are quite a few tools that have thick and blocky wedge- type blades.

The most recent type of blade in the market is a traditional, thin blade with wedges or wings popping out of its sides. This design adds some weight to the blade which in turn leads to a stronger splitting force without adding any additional weight to the maul.While mauls with thinner blades are better for light-duty work, mauls with wedge style heads are better for heavy duty work. So once again, you need to choose based on your intended usage.

How You Plan To Use The Splitting Maul

The way you plan to use your splitting maul, and how long you plan to use it, also affects your choice. For example, you need to take the size of the wood you intend to split into consideration as you need a large-headed splitting gear if you have loads of huge logs to cut and break.

Mauls with heavier heads simplify cut wood as its extra weight gives you more power complete your task quickly. However, this may not be a wise choice if you are weak or thinly built.

In such cases, it’s better to invest in a small and lighter head which gives a better swing. With big and small heads having different uses and benefits, it, in fact, proves beneficial if you buy both these splitting mauls to use as required.


The maul should be well-balanced with an excellent design, and overall shape where it’s head’s weight is in perfect ratio to the handle’s length. A balanced maul has all its components fit well together which in turn makes it so much easier for you to swing your maul as needed.


Like anything else you buy, you need to choose your splitting device based on its costs, which should be within your budget. Besides, it’s not always that the cheapest axe is the good splitting maul, nor is the most expensive one always the best. It’s better to choose a reasonably priced splitting maul with a right balance, head and handle.


A splitting maul is highly recommended for any camping trip. This type of maul is used to sever wood along the grain. Splitting mauls come in many color options, from standard wood and metal to red, black and yellow. Don’t forget to pack a campfire hatchet, camping knife, foldable shovel and an axe.

Final Verdict

Now that you know what features make the perfect maul, and you have read the splitting maul reviews in the market today, the final decision lies in your hands. You need to choose your maul based on what you plan to cut with it, and how comfortable you will be doing this.

You also have to compare the unique features of the different mauls like shock absorption technology, fiberglass handles, and wider heads and if you plan to use the maul for both splitting wood and driving stakes and wedges.

The best splitting mauls mentioned here, including the Gransfors Bruks has qualities for you to decide which the number 1 maul is to buy. Remember, with the splitting maul in hand; it’s not necessary that splitting wood seems to be an arduous task.

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