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Best Survival Axe & Hatchet – Guide & Reviews (2018)

best survival axe & hatchet reviews

Do you know choosing a wrong survival axe can be a burden, let alone serve you in the wilderness?The heavier and larger the axe, the harder it is to carry with you. Besides, if the tool you have chosen for survival needs works just as an axe, rather than being multi-functional, you will require many […]

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Best Bushcraft Axe & Hatchet – Guide & Reviews (2018)

best bushcraft axe & hatchet

Want to make your outdoor life much easier? It is challenging to survive in the middle of the forest just with a survival knife. So you need a tool that can work with almost everything you need. Serious outdoorsmen never go out without a bushcraft axe designed for extreme performance to make every swing best.But […]

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Best Carpenters Axe Reviews – Ultimate Buyer Guide [2018]

best carpenters axe reviews

Do you want to perform multi-tasks with your carpentry axe and become an efficient carpenter? If Yes, Make sure your tool is made of good quality materials and is suited to your needs.However, it is not that much easier to choose the best carpenters axe that meets your needs, and this fact often makes woodworking […]

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Best Wood Axe Brands – Top 5 Reviews (2018)

best wood axe brands

You must have thought you would be able to choose and buy an axe quickly, but ended up feeling all confused upon looking at the many types and brands available! It’s entirely accepted, especially if you are buying your first axe.You don’t know which best wood axe brands have excellent or weak points and you […]

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Best Forest Axe -Ultimate Buyer Guide And Reviews (2018)

best forest axe.

Having trouble choosing the best forest axe? Do you find making your choice confusing as there are so many brands and types of forest axes to select?If yes, don’t worry. This is a problem many people face as there are so many types to choose from, with minimal differences between them.With so many brands and […]

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Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews – Buyer Guide (2018)

best axe for chopping wood

Did you know that you can get more wood split using the splitting axe than an ordinary axe? Yes, splitting hatchets are designed specifically to split wood with maximal efficiency and minimal efforts.However, the problem is that there are so many brands and types choose from. Choosing the quality  axe can be difficult, which is why […]

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Best Wood Splitting Wedge – Guide & Reviews (2018)

best wood splitting wedge

Is the wood you are chopping too hard to make cleaner cuts with a few swings?If this is the case, it’s time you added a tool to your arsenal, the best wood splitting wedge. Whether you know it or not, wedges are in fact better than professional chainsaws or folding saws for split hard wood and large […]

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