Best Gas Log Splitter for The Money Reviews in 2022

Do you want to speed up your firewood cutting process? Are you a serious woodcutter who is looking for a powerful machine to reduce the workload of splitting a high volume of woods?

If so, you should have a gas powered wood cutting machine. The gas log splitters work faster and easier than their electric counterparts. They are very convenient when it comes to processing large tree trunks and hardwood. 

However, there is no reason why professionals and homeowners are looking for the best gas log splitter for the money. But to what extent is it possible? Yes, it’s 100 percent possible as you are now reading this article. I am here to let you know about top 7 gas powered log splitters you can rely on to get your splitting work done quicker. 

Champion Power Equipment 90720 Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return, Black
Champion Power Equipment-100251 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return
Champion Power Equipment 90720 Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return, Black
Champion Power Equipment-100251 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return
Champion Power Equipment 90720 Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return, Black
Champion Power Equipment 90720 Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return, Black
Champion Power Equipment-100251 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return
Champion Power Equipment-100251 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

best gas log splitters for the money in 2022 Reviews

01. YARDMAX YU2566 25 Ton Gas Splitter

Key features

  • 25 tons of wood cracking pressure
  • 6.5 hp 208cc powerful engine
  • 6.5 hp 208cc powerful engine
  • Has 4-way wedge
  • Both horizontal and vertical positioning

Without overpaying, the YARDMAX gas log splitter is ready to take on the heavy application even in the harshest environment. With its perfect combination and ergonomic design, it provides all solutions.

The splitter possesses all kinds of advanced technical features that the best mechanical woodcutter must have. What makes it the versatile tool is its patent-pending 4-way wedge that slices the wood into 4 pieces easily. 

No hassle of catching the wood piece while processing the log because The max designed it with dual log cradles to keep the log stable on the track during splitting. Reducing the stress on the beam, the patent-pending foot plate spins the log for operation effortlessly. Boosted with a powerful 6.5 horsepower 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine, the machine splits log after log with 25 ton cracking pressure under challenging scenarios. With a shorter cycle time of only 9.7 seconds, it can handle up to 26-inch long log. Whatever the position is, start working either horizontal or vertical direction from either side of the engine. While horizontal position fits for the shorter size of logs, the vertical positioning allows you to split larger tree trunk without lifting onto the splitter. Both typical homeowner and professional contractor are recommended to have this cutting device with a satisfaction guarantee.

02. champion 7 ton gas log splitter

Key features

  • Reliable 80cc Champion OVI engine
  • Can produce 7 tons of pressure
  • Maximum log capacity 19.3 -inch
  • Cycle time is 20- seconds
  • Integrated log cradle

If you are looking for a wood cutting machine that is smaller in size but still bigger in term of power, Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return is your tool.

It is a quick solution for splitting any kind of woods that you cannot handle with the traditional maul and manual splitter. Don’t hesitate to be dependent on the reliable 80cc single cylinder engine which is ready to process up to 19.3 inches long log with 7-ton cracking force. The robust engine includes a cast iron sleeve, a 0.4-gallon fuel tank, a low-oil shutoff for safety and has 0.4-quart oil capacity. 

The hydraulic system, which has a 1.3-gallon capacity, works at 3 gpm to continue the cutting through the hardwood. The auto return valve speeds up the operation with 20 seconds cycle time to increase the efficiency. It can complete 180 cycles per hour.Champion built this model with a skewed wedge to make the splitting much easier. While many models on the market require you to lift the large logs onto the machine, causing backbreaking, this particular item is designed with a low-profile to load even heavy woodpile effortlessly. Not only this, integrated cradles keep the trunk stable in the proper position.

The 10-inch large wheels, which have tires never losing air and going flat, make the device easily portable; you can move it to anywhere. The convenient towering feature allows the engine to fit with the truck bed.

03. champion 25 ton gas powered Wood splitter

Key features

  • The 1.224cc large single cylinder OHV engine
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning for versatility
  • Efficient 12 seconds cycle time
  • Dependable auto return valve
  • Has the advantageous towing features

Cannot handle the knotted part of the wood? Don’t get worried. Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter can work through gnarliest and knottiest wood with no difficulties. Boosted with the most powerful 224cc engine which has 0.9-gallon fuel tank and 0.6-quart oil capacity, the gas operated mechanical cutter breaks apart tough timber.

Twenty-five tons of splitting capacity deliver the power you need to slice the logs measuring up to 24-inch length and weighing around 100 pounds. With a 5 gallons oil capacity, the hydraulic oil system runs at 11 gpm to crack down the logs.

The splitter comes with a dependable auto return valve that takes only 12 seconds to process a wood piece and is capable of 300 cycles in just an hour.It takes only a few seconds to change the engine from horizontal to vertical position. When processing larger and heavier units, you don’t need to raise them onto the beam, rather position the machine vertically and start splitting on the ground level.Don’t be afraid of the movements of this big sized instrument. Ii is towable up to 45 mph and can fit with most of the truck beds with a 2-inch ball hitch coupler and 16 inches tires.

04. YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

Key features

  • Brigs and Stratton Engine with 6.5 horsepower and 208 cc
  • Works both in horizontal and vertical positions
  • 4-ways wedge to break into 4 pieces
  • Has a pair of cradles to keep the logs stable
  • Stronger u-beam structure

As opposed to YARDMAX YU2566 25 Ton Full Beam, this impressive wood cutting machine is designed with half beam to reduce the weight and price. But it has the as same power and features as a full beam. The equipment acts in horizontal and vertical directions. You can take advantage of both options based on work types. The seven inches steel wedge has a 2 and 4-way system, where 2-way is built in and 4-way is adjustable. When you have loads of splitting to do, just adjust 4-way wedge and slice a piece of wood into 4 pieces. It can be sharpened easily.

Max built the Brigs and Stratton engine with 6.5 horsepower and 208 cc to produce 25 -ton of pressure that is enough to work through even tough tree trunk. With a shorter cycle time of 9.5 seconds, it operates faster than its equivalent. The auto return valve is ready to split log one after another.A pair of large log cradles helps divide the wood equally, keeping the log on the track during the process. The manufacturer applied the u-beam structural design which, of course, is stronger than the old version I-beam design.Never be concerned about the storage and movement of the machine. The splitter has all advanced traits for easy transportation. It has 2 two large wheels and can be attached to the beds of the most vehicles.

05. RuggedMade 37-Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Key features

  • A hydraulic log splitter with 37 tons of wood cracking pressure
  • 15 horsepower 420cc engine with electric starter
  • Splits up to 30-inch long and 24-inch wide log
  • Offers catcher tray and log lift for easy loading and unloading
  • Has auto return valve with 9 seconds of shortest cycle time

This is a faster and powerful log splitter designed ergonomically with all advanced features for commercial use. Among all I have reviewed, RaggedMade is the most mighty splitting machine. What I like most about this equipment is the electric starter.

One of the most common problems happening with powered woodcutter is the uncountable tries for starting the engine. Fortunately, the electric start helps this splitter start on the very first try. The most important thing is that it has the ability to work through everything you put in front of it. 

No need of thinking about the wood types because 37 -ton force is more than enough to handle any kind of tree trunks including oak. The 15 horsepower 420 cc reliable engine allows you to process any logs measuring at 30’’ in length and 24’’ in diameter. With the 4-way welded wedge, it splits into 4 pieces instead of 2, making the operation quicker.You will get everything that you want the splitter to have. The manufacturer provides a hydraulic log lift with the machine to maneuver logs up and onto it, reducing unnecessary back problems. No hassle of removing the log after it has been split thanks to the log catcher tray. Just drop the pieces of log onto the tray and start stacking at your own convenience. Once all the cutting actions are done, you can remove the log lift and tray from the splitter and reattach with locking pins for the next job

06. Dirty Hand Tools 100466 Log Splitter Horizontal

Key features

  • 9.5 horsepower 277cc Kohler engine
  • 12.8 seconds cycle time
  • The beam has 9’’ foot plate and removable stripper plates
  • Has a 9’’ high heat treated steel wedge
  • Includes 16’’ DOT approved high-speed road tires

There is nothing to complain about Dirty Hand Tools 100466 Log Splitter. It can handle whatever you throw at it with 35 tons of explosive pressure generated by 277cc 9.5 hp Kohler engine.

For commercial grade splitter, cutting time is a crucial factor. Thankfully, the engine has the auto return valve to retract the hydraulic cylinder after every log is processed, thus reducing cycle time by only 11.5-second. The equipment operates in the vertical position to give you relief from back strain lifting the heavy logs onto the beam. And the horizontal operating position works also in a comfortable height.

This makes the splitter versatile too. Two things that differentiate it from the same category are convenient log catcher and log stripper. The log table can withstand wood pieces weighing up to 300 pounds and serves as engine guard stopping the log falling. It is necessary to have the towering options for a good splitter. Fortunately, Dirty Hand Tools applied this towering feature to make it portable. It has 16 inches high-speed road tires and 2 -inch ball with safety chain. This heavy machine is easy to operate thanks to most of its automated actions.

07. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 25 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter

Key features

  • 208cc OHV gas engine with recoil start
  • Maximum log length of 26 inches
  • Auto return valve with 17 seconds cycle time
  • 8-inch heat treated steel wedge
  • Switchable from horizontal to vertical

One of the most popular models on the marker is Southland 25 ton gas powered log splitter. Southland is the brand name for 2 and 4 cycle gas engine outdoor power equipment products with 100 years of experience.

You are assured to have the best gas log splitters on the market from this company. The manufacturer equipped the machine with a 208cc 8.5-foot pounds of torque OHV engine to handle even hardest woodpile. With 8-inch steel wedge which is heat treated for increasing the strength and performance, the apparatus with 25-ton force can cut logs up to 26-inch long and 30-inch wide smoothly as butter.

The splitters that become heated due to internal friction are not good for industrial use and may cause injury. This model has an extra internal oil delivery system used to deliver lubrication to internal engine bearings. Consequently, internal friction doesn’t happen, and the engine doesn’t overheat, hence increasing the lifetime.Both the horizontal and vertical working ability made the device more versatile. You can start working from either side of it. No matter how larger the log pieces are as it easy to roll larger logs under the wedge without raising them.When it comes to the portability of this engine, it is up to the mark. Two heavy duty 16 inches pneumatic wheels which are DOT approved and can run through the desert. They are also easy to maneuver.

How to choose the best gas log splitters

Many people get confused when planning to buy a best log splitter because they are not sure which one to opt between electric and gas splitters. You should consider buying a gas log splitter only when

  1. 1. You have a lot of logs to do the splitting
  2. 2. Processing relatively hardwood
  3. 3. Working in the place having no access to electricity
  4. 4. Needed to operate in vertical and horizontal positioning

Pros and Cons of a gas powered log splitter at a glance


  • More powerful
  • Higher log capacity
  • Splits hardest woods
  • Can be used remote area
  • Operates both vertical and horizontal directions
  • The better option for commercial people


  1. 1Noisy
  2. 2Emits toxic gas
  3. 3Not easy to carry due to heavier construction
  4. 4Relatively pricey

Electric Log Splitter VS Gas Log Splitter (Which one should I buy)

Electric Log Splitter VS Gas Log Splitter (Which one should I buy)

Although both the gas and electric splitters are the most common type of woodcutter and widely used in indoor and outdoor, many people stilll make mistake when considering buying a new one. It is important to know the difference between them because both have their own features with some specific benefits. Before deciding one, read the article and choose one that meets your need.

Power Source

I think this is the power source that differs the gas log splitters than their electric counterparts. While gas splitters run on gasoline, electrics operate at electricity. Usually, engines powered by gas are stronger than electricity. If you need more power then go with a gas woodcutter. But the problem is that changing the oil and servicing the engine are somewhat complicated.

The Power (tonnage capacity)

The next difference lies in the capacity of creating pressure to split wood. As electrically operated cutting devices are less powerful, they deliver relatively less force. Most of them come with a range from 4 to 10 tons, there you may find some with 20 tons too. But it doesn’t mean that you will not buy them. It depends on how much force needed to get your job done. On the other hand, gas splitters fall between 7 to 35 tons of capacity that is more than you need, I suppose.

Log Capacity

It is necessary to find the log limits of these two types of wood dividers. In general, the more cracking pressure a splitter can generate, the larger and heavier log it can handle. Though the log capacity varies depending upon the models, electric versions have the capability of processing up to 20.5 inches long log with the diameter of maximum 12-inch on an average. If the woodpiles you have to split are more than this range, you can go with gas-powered items. They are capable of handling up to 25-inch in length and 18-inch in diameter. The gas supplied units are better for working through toughest and knottiest wood.

Working Place

I must say where the equipment will be used for splitting is an important factor because not all kinds are suitable for the same place. For an instance, electric cutting devices require to plug in the outlet. So it is not possible to use them where no source of electricity. The gas splitters, in contrast, can be used any places including remote areas since they work on gasoline. But they are noisy and spread unhealthy fume which is why homeowners don’t prefer this kind.


Best Gas Log Splitter Weight

There is a noteworthy distinction in the weight too. Compared to electric ones, the gas competitive is heavier, and one person may feel tired while changing the location. Since the portability of a cutting machine differs mostly relying on the weight, you must take a look at the weight.


Last but not least, you will also see a bit of variation in the price. The gas log splitters are more expensive than their electric opponents. Not only this, but they have also other expenses for changing oil, filter, and spark plug. Sometimes, they need to have maintenance. Above all, professional contractors and most industries use them thanks to the highest power and efficiency.

Our Final Thought

Now you know the situations when need to buy a gas log splitter instead of the electric one. And you are well informed too about what makes the distance between the two after reading this article. As you understood that this the best gas log splitter you should go with, just pick one from our reviews based on the power you need, less power for the low volume of wood and more power for high volume.

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