Best Folding Saw For Backpacking : Guide And Reviews

It is often confusing to buy such tools since they resemble with each other due to similar size and safe although quality is not same. 

So, how can you pick one that suits you best? Do not get worried.

I have written a tested and researched buyer guide to choose the best folding saw for backpacking, explaining important features you need to consider while making a purchase decision.

Best folding saw for backpacking reviews

Bahco Laplander review

bacho laplander review

If you are planning for backpacking trip, Laplander is extremely suitable for you. It is portable, foldable, reliable, light, compact and easy to use. Not only is it used for bushcraft and survival but also for pruning and general cutting purpose that is why it is very popular.

Bahco Laplander comes with a 7.5 inch blade along with 7 teeth per inch that can cut easily almost everything from branches , dry wood to plastic, and even bone, which makes it unique choice for adventurers, campaigners and hunters.

The blade can cut in both forward and backward directions. It weighs only 14.1 ounces thanks to what it became favorite tool of backpackers. To ensure safety and comfort while cutting, it belongs to a nice plastic grip with leather straps.

The blade is replaceable and can be folded into the handle by using safety lock and it is designed with an excellent feature named anti-rust coating to protect friction. The handle is made with a perfect size that is adaptable to both smaller and bigger hands and is comfortable thanks to rubber coating, providing firmly grip in dry and wet conditions.

Eversaw 8 inch – Folding Hand Saw

eversaw 8.0 folding saw

Eversaw comes with an extended length of 17 inch while closed length is 9.5 inch. It is made with a durable sharp steel blade having 8 inch length which can be fully folded inside the handle, and the blade is designed with medium razor teeth that can cut easily through wood, plastic and bone. For ensuring comfort and safety when used, the handle is designed with slip resistant plastic and is nice size, suitable for both left and right handed wood cutter.

The safety lock in blade is easy to operate and is aimed to prevent unintentional collapse while working. The blade used in Eversaw is adjustable although it is needless to think of replacing the blade, because this tool has a life time warranty. With a view to reducing the friction and binding, this foldable hand saw is made with premium Japanese steel.

Maybe you are looking for a foldable saw that is not for specific purpose rather general. If so, this quality tool is exactly for you as it is suitable for pruning, bushcraft , and at same time you can enjoy your campaigning.

corona folding saw review

corona folding saw review

All you need to consider when it comes to choosing a saw is quality of its blade, and Carona, in this consideration, is the best for it is designed with 10 inch blade that is extremely sharp and curved in shape for efficient cutting. Unlike other folding saws , its blade cuts only pull action, preventing excessive damage and friction. It is made with high quality carbon steel that makes Carona Razor most durable. Saw teeth are little bit larger and exceedingly sharp.

People who love gardening and pruning unwanted branches must choose this pruning folding saw. It can cut through dry, green and even hard wood with no effort that is why its purpose is more specific. It would also be excellent for campaigning although is not fit for backpacking and survival use due to handle.

Handle is larger which is made with hard plastic, providing a comfortable shape that meets the form of your palm. Pressing the button at the top of the saw, user can easily fold and unfold the saw. Last but not least, its eye-catchy bright color compels one to pick it up from many choices.

silky bigboy 2000 review

silky bigboy 2000 review

Bigboy 2000 folding saw is a must choice for you if you are looking for a saw that can be used for different purpose, especially for outdoor use. With its extra long well balanced sharpened blade, it works great for cutting large limbs, small trunks and big branches effortlessly.

Every outdoor worker dreams to have this nice tool thanks to its eye-catchy design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. This multi-purpose folding saw features a blade length of over 14 inch along with 5.5 curved teeth per inch, providing all power needed to fast cutting with every stroke.

 It is shaped with perfect balance and relatively low angle curve of 2000 mm radius of the blade. With its lightweight, thicker and stronger aluminum handle, it cuts through bigger materials, even in the most difficult operating conditions, than other folding saws do.

Although Bigboy is larger in size compared to other folding saws, it weighs only 450 grams, meaning that it is capable of backpacking, campaigning, pruning and gardening. Only curved blade is used in this particular model, not used straight blade. What is more about Bigboy is it comes with a blister pack to protect and display it clearly.

sog folding saw review

sog folding saw review

With the thinnest blade, SOG Folding saw is a pocket size tool weighing only 5.9 oz while the length is 14.75-inch . It features a 7.5 inches blade made of hardened and tempered carbon steel. The blade is sharp and is designed with longer teeth, capable of working in pull and push stroke.

By loosening the thumbscrew at the pivot, the blade can be removed in your convenient. There is a locking mechanism on the top of the handle to fold the blade inside it, protecting your hand while opening and closing the blade. The handle is made of durable thermoplastic with the soft grip that can help you cut any conditions.

SOG Folding is meant for you if you are on a quest to find a compact and pocket size folding saw for camping, hiking, and pruning. Probably, it would be the survival tool ever I reviewed.

On the plus side, the lever action lock is easy to operate, and the blade, while closing, remains in a nice alignment, but on the minus side, this folding saw comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Must considerable things to know before buying a best folding saw

If you do not take a look at few important things before finalizing your buying decision, it’s a big mistake! So it is considered wise to keep in mind a couple of factors before going to your nearest hardware, which will help you pick the best folding saw meeting your needs, saving your money and time.

Here are things you need to look for in any folding saws before clicking on buying button.

The blade

What comes at first while considering important aspects about a folding saw is the blade. There is the smaller blade with finer teeth that is suitable for cutting hardwood while the larger with coarser teeth is great for softwood. 

Besides, what the blade is made of is important to know to ensure the longevity since there are also few cheaper tools on the market that do not long last due to poor raw materials used. Furthermore, TPI that indicates teeth per inch plays a vital role in performance. 

The more TPI, the smoother cutting is possible. Adjustability should also be considered because a folding saw with an adjustable blade provides more versatility than non-adjustable one, loosening and tightening the screw of the blade easily.

The handle

This is the handle that a woodcutter must consider before buying a folding saw. Because when it comes to the matter of comfort and safety while cutting, all you need to take into account is the handle.

So raw materials used in handle must be soft enough to ensure comfort with the tight grip. Moreover, the tighter the grip, the less the risk, meaning that you are capable of working in any conditions including dry, wet and slippery.

The size and the weight

It is wise to buy a medium-sized folding saw for general purpose. If the intended use is more specific, the size will be one of the most considerable factors in buying decision. For backpackers and campaigners, for example, small sized saws are most suitable as handy tools that not occupy big space.

On the other hand, a gardener requires a larger saw to work with big branches, no matter how much space the saw holds. Likewise, saw weight matters as like as saw size does, and both the size and the weight are interlinked since a huge saw indicates a heavyweight.

Intended Use

Last but not least, how a folding saw would be depends mostly on the intended use. By asking yourself a few questions, you can specify your purpose of using a folding saw you are going to buy. To begin with, is the saw for gardening? Secondly, will the saw be the part of backpacking trip? Moreover, is the saw one of the home tools?

Depending upon above-mentioned situations, the intended use varies. Now you are confident enough about which one is the best fit with your purpose since folding saws are multi-functional with different specifications.

Folding saw buyer guide for backcountry Adventurer

Folding saw buyer guide for backcountry Adventurer

While working with the sharp tools like folding saws, safety should be your first priority to keep in mind. It is common that every folding saw consists of a sharp blade used to cut which can cause serious injury if you do not follow proper steps when working with it.

 How difficult the work is and however the condition is, you need to make sure you are protected. Here are the tips you must know to protect yourself before every use of your folding saw.

Use a perfect size saw

There are available hand saws on the market with different sizes. Select one that you can grip firmly. Too big or too small hand saws may cause a fall from your hand, resulting in damage to your body parts.

Do not carry a blade open

While carrying a saw with you, you must keep the blade closed. An open blade can cut your hands and any other parts of your body, especially legs if it falls from your hand to your legs in opened conditions. It is recommended to use hand gloves to protect such hazardous situations.

Take a close look at your saw before every use

Inspect the saw before you use it if there is something unsafe for you such as missing teeth, broken handle, and bent blade. Make sure that handle is tight enough because a loosed handle can cause a serious incident while cutting with high pressure in case you do not know whether the handle is loosed.

Never use your hands to test sharpness

Yes, it is a common mistake almost every woodcutter makes just before using the folding saw. Generally, the blade of folding saws is very sharp which can cause cuts and injury when you test the sharpness of the blade with your hand.

Check materials to be cut

Before you start working with your saw, check the materials if they contain screws, metals, and knots. Such situations not only lead to an injury to you but also damage your saw. So never forget to inspect your saw thoroughly to avoid such danger.

Keep the blade away from getting into the soil

Pebbles and sands in the soil can easily dull the blade of your saw; you must keep the blade far from the soil when you work with your saw anywhere near the ground.

Keep the blade straight and slow down

Keep the blade straight when you push and pull it by applying pressure and slow down to protect the blade from bending and buckling. You do not need to apply too much pressure on pushing stroke. Instead, apply pressure only on pulling stroke. Make sure a controlled cut and increase your speed slowly.

Grip The Materials Firmly

It is paramount to grip the materials firmly to avoid incidents while cutting. If the materials are smaller, hold them with your hand. For larger and heavier objects, it wise to use a clamp or a vise. You can wear hand gloves to avoid the motion of your saw with the movement of materials.

Clean your saw before storing

Clean your saw before storing

Never forget to keep your saw clean before storing it. Because storing an unclean saw will make it dull and lose its sharpness. Wipe the sawdust out of teeth of the saw, using clean burlap or any other heavier clothes. If you store your saw for a long time, check it for any damages and have it repaired, if needed.

Keep the hand saw away from children

Children are very interested in catching hand tools and may cause injuries with sharp tools like handsaws. To keep children away from your handsaw, you must store it in a confined and safe place. 

Our final verdict

It is a little bit difficult to pick the suitable one for your needs since there is a wide variety of folding saws available in the market with almost no difference in appearance, but the difference is in quality.Of five reviews, Bacho Laplander, I believe, is the best thanks to its quality, versatility, and ease with use.You should determine your functions you are going to work with your saw at first, then look for one meeting your needs. Now you are supposed to learn how to choose the best folding saw after you read this article. Let’s go to market, buy your desired folding saw and start working with it to make your life easy and safe.

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