Best Axe Sharpener Reviews – Ultimate Buyer Guide (2022)

You have lots of wood chopping to do, which is why you need to keep your axe sharp all the time. Dull blades only make the task even more difficult and may cause injury. The problem, however, is that you find it difficult choosing the axe sharpener because there are so many hatchet sharpening tools, brands, and types to choose!

Don’t worry. This is a problem all woodworker faces, as you want to ensure you buy the sharpener that will serve you for a long time. You have tools like pucks, sharpening stones, files and sharpeners to choose.

You have to choose wisely as while you bring the knife to the stone while sharpening knife blades, in case of axes, you sharpen it while it’s kept in a fixed position. You do not have to pass the axe’s bit through the best axe sharpener.

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Best Axe Sharpener Reviews

1. lansky puck review 


  • Compact and portable
  • Multi-purpose sharpener for sharpening all types of blades and axes
  • Easy-to-grip shape
  • Can be used in field and shop
  • Has an additional medium side

The Lansky Puck is a versatile axe sharpener stone that can be used for sharpening lawnmower blades, shovels, machetes, axe blades and spades and other chopping tools.It is convenient and safe to use for grinding with its contoured grip shape.

The axe sharpening puck has two sides. There is a coarse 120 grit side for quick cutting and shaping and a medium 280 grit side for final sharpening and finishing of the edge.

For best results, move the puck in a circular motion while maintaining a consistent axe sharpening angle. Keep overlapping circles while moving along the edge that needs sharpening. Repeat the procedure on the other edge. This is the perfect, safe hatchet sharpener for novices both on the field and at home.

2. Smith’s 50582


  • A few draws sharpens dull axes, machetes or hatchets
  • Can be used with gloves on
  • Durable and plastic head makes sharpening easy
  • Coarse carbide blades can be replaced
  • Has a big shield for added safety and cleaning brush

The Smith’s Axe and Machete Sharpener is an easy-to-use sharpener for maintaining your cutting and chopping tools like axe and machete. Its preset coarse carbide blades simultaneously sharpen both blade surfaces in a few minutes as you draw the blade across the sharpener.

A huge protective cover for your finger and strong plastic head make it safe and comfortable to sharpen your cutting tools even with your gloves on. 

The sharpener also has a cleaning brush with wire bristles which can be conveniently stored in its handle when not in use. This is the ideal axe sharpener for anyone who wants to keep their tools well maintained at all times and ready for work.

3. fiskars axe sharpener Review


  • Can be used for sharpening axes and knives
  • Safety guard keeps hands and fingers protected while sharpening
  • Ceramic wheels grind both blade sides
  • Durable and robust sharpener thanks to fiberglass composite materials

In this fiskars 7861 axe and knife sharpener review you are finding best resource to choose your perfect axe sharpener. The fiskars 7861 has ceramic wheels which can be used for sharpening both sides of your axe and knife together. A few smooth strokes will make your favorite cutting tools sharp and ready for single strike splits and deeper chops.

There’s no worry about injuries as the sharpener comes with a safety guard that protects both hands and fingers. Besides, its non-slip pads ensure the sharpener remains stable while in use.

Its warranty is backed by its FiberComp construction where fiberglass composite materials keep the sharpener strong and durable for years to come.

4. Nicholson Axe File 06706N  


  • Axe sharpening file ideal for sharpening wood splitting axes and various tools
  • Has a double-cut on one side, and a single-cut on opposite side
  • File is made based on American pattern
  • Nicholson is a famous international file brand

The Nicholson axe file 8” comes from Nicholson File Company, the most famous file brand worldwide. They were the first manufacturers of machine-made files, and their product line includes high-quality files, handsaws, and rasps today.

The rectangular-shaped axe sharpening files can sharpen both axes and different garden tools. It is built based on an American pattern with a double-cut on one side, and single-cut on the complementing side. 

Nicholson best axe files are accurately designed for maximum gram removal per stroke with promising longevity.

5. Dual Sided 400/1000


  • Two-sided silicon carbide sharpening block
  • To be used with water and not oil
  • Can sharpen and polish anything like blades, razors, kitchen cutlery, and hunting or pocket knives
  • Quickly restores sharpness of tools
  • No added expense of buying and using honing oil

The Whetstone knife sharpening stone is made of sturdy silicon carbide and offers dual-sided sharpening.

Its 400-grit side returns edges to its original shape while the 1000-grit stone is useful for smoothening and polishing edges. 

The stone has to be cooled in water for 5-10 minutes before use. As water is added when sharpening, there is no need of buying or using honing oil.

The tool can sharpen and polish anything needed, including hatches, axes, scissors, knives, razors, blades and cutlery. A single use of the axe sharpener will restore battered edges to razor sharpness. The best axe sharpening stone to have at home and work!

Choosing the quality Axe sharpener – What to look for ?

Choosing the quality Axe sharpener - What to look for ?

You have to choose the sharpener based on your handling preferences, the amount of sharpening your axe needs and where you will be sharpening it. Some factors to look out for in your axe sharpener are:

Two-sided grits save you money

A stone with a two-sided grit that’s coarse on one side and fine on the other is always a better choice. This is because the fine grit can be used for refining the edge while the coarse grit helps get rid of nicks, adjusts the bevel and sharpens dull edges. Besides, it saves your money as you needn’t buy two different axe sharpening tools for the same work.

Large axe sharpening tools are better

Larger axe sharpeners are always better as you can use them to sharpen both small and large axes and tools. However, small  sharpeners will not be useful for sharpening more massive tools.

Multi-purpose axe sharpener

It’s better to buy sharpeners that work on

 any blade so that it can be used for

sharpening not only axes but

also splitting maul, scissors, kitchen

knives, hunting knives and other similar



Improved stability with a non-slip base

Look for an axe sharpener with a non-slip secure base that prevents the sharpener from slipping and leading to accidents while using it.

Minimal maintenance

Axe sharpeners requiring minimal maintenance are always a better option as you needn’t spend too much time on it’s maintenance. There are some whetstones which need constant cleaning and flattening, which can get rather frustrating.

axe sharpening tools – Buyer guide

What is axe sharpener?

Axe sharpener is a tool used to sharpen the blade of the axe or hatchet. It can be a honing stone, file, or a strop. When the blade of the axe becomes dull after a few uses, it requires to be sharpened to make the axe efficient.

Of all axe sharpeners, the file is the most common and used to sharpen extreme dull edge. To sharpen small sized edge, stone is suitable which is also easily portable.

Nowadays, grinders are also used to sharpen axe. Angel grinders are the most popular for axe sharpening and can sharpen the both sides of the blade together.

How do you sharpen an AXE?

To sharpen an axe, first remove dust and if there is significant damage, use a grinding wheel to make a clean, straight edge. Don’t do it in one pass but use short strokes while letting the steel be cool before proceeding.

Then clamp the axe handle to a bench vise and run a file on one side of the blade’s bevel at an angle of 25-30 degrees. Sharpen one side at a time while pushing the file slowly away using long, smooth strokes.

Both sides should be stroked the same number of times, till you get a ‘wire edge.’ Once you have a sharp edge, use a dual-sided sharpening stone in a circular motion to hone the blade. Use the same number of strokes on both sides.

how to sharpen a hatchet? axe sharpening techniques

Hatchets are most easily sharpened using a mill file by clamping the hatchet between your knees with the blade facing outwards. Now place the file end against the hatchet blade at a matching axe sharpening angle and draw the file across using long strokes. The blade usually gets sharpened with six steady pressure strokes.

Sharpening with a whetstone after this gives a sharper edge to the hatchet. Just place the grindstone on a flat surface and put the hatchet blade at an angle matching the stone’s bevel. Pull the hatchet across the stone and repeat 12 times on each side to give your hatchet a fine edge.

Grinding tools also help sharpen an utterly blunt hatchet by drawing it back and forth across the grinder wheel at a bevel matching angle.

how to sharpen an axe with a grinder

how to sharpen an axe with a grinder

A grinder can be used for sharpening an axe. Make sure the axe head is firmly attached to the wooden handle. Now clean it and use a steel wool pad and fine grit sandpaper to remove any rust.

Firmly secure the axe blade in a table vise and wear safety goggles, mask, ear pads and protective working gloves. Switch on the angle grinder and hold firmly with both hands, with legs slightly apart.

Grind the axe blade surface using the grinder’s rotating disc at an axe sharpening angle of 5 and 15° while maintaining the blade’s original bevel. Use slow, long and continuous strokes over both sides without overheating the blade edge. Once done, switch off the grinder and let the blade cool for ten minutes.

best axe sharpening stone – how to sharpen an axe with a stone

First, decide if you want to use the stone wet or dry. Lubricating the stone with honing oil is better as it prolongs the stone’s lifespan, reduces friction and gives an evener edge.

Find the axe’s ideal angle edge and maintain an axe sharpening angle similar to it as the axe’s angle tends to change while gradually moving along its side. The bit’s angle near the tip is usually 30° and changes to 15-20° towards the center.

Avoid sliding the blade across the stone backward or forwards, hold the axe handle with your dominant hand. Turning the axe flat, parallel to the ground, fan your other hand fingers and place them behind the bit’s edge for better sharpening control. Instead of long strokes, move the blade forward and backward in small circles.

Can you use a knife sharpener to sharpen an Axe?

It’s possible to sharpen an axe with a knife sharpener if it is designed to sharpen both axes and knives. These units usually have separate grooves to use for grinding axes and knives, which you have to use accordingly.

Just run the blade through the right slot a few times, and you get a super sharp axe for all your chopping and cutting needs. Besides, as knife sharpeners are small and compact, they are easy to carry along with you wherever you go.


Now you know about the different types of axe sharpeners in the market, you will find it so much easier choosing the sharpener to sharpen your tools. It’s better making your choice based on your budget, if you are looking for something easy to carry along with you wherever you go, and if you prefer doing wet or dry sharpening.

It’s also left to you to decide if you want to use a file, sharpening stone, knife sharpener or angle grinder, or a combination of these sharpeners get a super sharp axe. Whichever axe sharpener you eventually choose, make sure it’s comfortable and convenient for you to use as and when required.

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